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The story begins with Cyborg rebuilding Titans Tower East. He is talking to his old team leader Robin. Robin is trying to get Cyborg to come back to Jump City, but Cyborg begins to become hostile. Robin and Cybo

Quote1 Man, this was supposed to be a good thing! My own tower! My own team! Why can't you just be happy for me? Quote2

Titans East, Part II is an episode of season 3 of Teen Titans. It premiered on January 22, 2005.

Synopsis for "Titans East (Part II)"

The story begins with Cyborg rebuilding Titans Tower East. He is talking to his old team leader Robin. Robin is trying to get Cyborg to come back to Jump City, but Cyborg begins to become hostile. Robin and Cyborg both get in a heated yelling match. Their conversation ends with Cyborg frustatingly turning the computer off.

In the hallway over, the hypnotized Titans East watches on. Aqualad is talking to Brother Blood over the H.I.V.E. Commuincator.

With Blood, he is preparing for major surgery with the hypnotized Professor Chang.

In Jump City, the Teen Titans are complaining about Cyborg's departure.

Back with Cyborg in Steel City, Titans East is still hypnotized by Brother Blood. Cyborg congratulates his new team for doing so well in practice by making his signature three meat pasta.

Cyborg is suddenly shot by one of Speedy's arrows. The hypnotized Titans East have been set to eliminate Cyborg now. Titan Easy attack with Cyborg trying not to hurt his friends. He tries to run, but the hypnotized Titans finally defeat him.

Cyborg reawakens strapped to the table in Titans Tower East. Cyborg can't break free so he tries to talk his friends out of their hypnosis.

Suddenly, Brother Blood appears and says that he doesn't want Titans East to be like himself but to be like Cyborg. Blood then removes his hood to show that he, too, now has robotic parts in the same placs as Cyborg. Instead of having blue parts, Blood instead has red metal. Blood begins to tell Cyborg his evil plot. Blood is going to use Cyborg's blueprints to mind control even more people!

Brother Blood commands his hypnotized Titans to begin disassembling Cyborg. Then, the original Teen Titans arrive and beat down on the hypnotized Titans. Blood and Titans East flee by teleporting away. Titans Tower East then locksdown, leaving Cyborg and his former team locked-in.

Starfire rips Cyborg out of the chains shackles he's in. Robin says that they received the SOS signal Cyborg sent earlier. Luckily, they arrived just in time. Robin says that Brother Blood is Cyborg's villain. The robotic hero is now the leader of the Titans.

The Teen Titans begin to make their escape through an air duct. Brother Blood has left an army of Cyclones to patrol the tower. Cyborg tells the Titans that his robotic eye cannot see ultra-violet rays. Since the Cyclones are built off of Cyborg's design, they shouldn't been able to see them either. Luckily, Cyborg has an ultra-violet flashlight built in for just an occasion.

The Titans begin to sneak around and are not detected by the Cyclones because of Cyborg's ultra-violet flashlight. They are practically invisible to the robots.

In Titans Tower East's laboratory, Blood and hypnotized Professor Chang prepare to turn Titans East into Cyborg look-alikes as well. The original Teen Titans arrive, however, and fight their Titans East counterparts. Thanks to Cyborg's leadership, the Teen Titans win the fight.

Brother Blood then runs in and teleports Cyborg to another location with him. Titans East gets back up and prepares for another fight with the four lone Titans.

Brother Blood teleports Cyborg to the top of the tower where they can fight one-on-one. Brother Blood immediately get the upper hand, literally. Blood cuts off one of Cyborg's arms. Cyborg is at a disadvantage.

Back in the labs, the Teen Titans are being beaten by Titans East without their leader Cyborg. When Teen Titans finally get the upperhand, a hoard of Cyclones enter the room to assist Titans East.

On the roof, Brother Blood is both defeating and disassembling Cyborg at the same time. Cyborg has lost both arms, both legs, and his body has taken a beating. Cyborg's torso and head lay defenseless on the ground, ready for an execution from Blood.

The villain teleports both the defeated Teen Titans and the hypnotized Titans East to the roof to watch Cyborg in his most defenseless state. Blood begins to rummage through Cyborg, looking for how Cyborg has been able to defy mind-control when no one else could. Cyborg says that his spirit kept him going.

Suddenly, the nearby Cyclones begin to fall apart and their pieces fix Cyborg. He's good as new. Cyborg and Brother Blood have a rematch, this time with Cyborg having the advantage. Cyborg grabs both of Blood's robotic hands and breaks them off. He then pushes the villain to the ground, defeated.

Later, on Titans Tower East roof, the unhypnotized Titans East talks to the Teen Titans. Beast Boy asks how Cyborg was able to do all those magical thing on the roof before. Cyborg's only explanation was that, since Blood was tried too hard to hack into Cyborg's brain, Cyborg was able to hack into Brother Blood's brain.

As the Teen Titans are about to depart, Cyborg tells them to wait. He is going to go with them. After all, Titans East already has a leader: Bumblebee. They just need to listen to her! The Teen Titans then victoriously leave together, as a team.

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