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The Teen Titans is a team of five young heroes operating out of Jump City. Lead by Robin, its other members are Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire.



Story 1

The idea of the Teen Titans was originally conceived by Robin shortly after leaving Batman's tutelage to move to Jump City. There, Robin found he was out of his element working on his own and reached out to other crime-fighting teenagers to form his new super team.

Among the people he invited to audition were Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, Bumblebee, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. A young, powerless athlete named Victor Stone wanted to audition but was ignored by Robin, who didn't see him as an applicable crimefighter.

Prior to the auditions, Robin began construction on what would become Titans Tower.

At the auditions, Robin analyzed each of the heroes' speed, combat skills, and teamwork skills. Raven, Victor, Starfire, and Beast Boy were determined to be unfit superheroes, making Robin lose his composure around them, and kicked them out of the tower. Robin then announced that the Teen Titans would be comprised of himself, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Bumblebee. However, Robin had proven he was an unfit leader in the other teenagers eyes, and they voted to kick him off his own team, replacing him with Kid Flash as their leader. [5]

Robin reconnected with the other four teenagers he kicked out of the auditions and, feeling a sense of comradery having all been rejected from the team, decided to form a team themselves. The five teens broke into Titans Tower together and challenged Kid Flash and his team to a competition - winners keeps the tower, losers leave Jump City for good. Kid Flash agreed.

When the competition finally began, Kid Flash announced that each team would try to prove their superiority similarly to the tryouts - through combat, puzzle solving, and speed. The combat challenge, as determined by Kid Flash, would be to defeat his highly-advanced, deadly combat android. During the fight, Robin convinced Victor to fight the robot without any powers, causing Victor to become seriously injured. Robin's Titans rushed their teammate to the hospital and, two hours later, returned with their newest member: Cyborg. With his new robot body, Cyborg immediately destroyed the combat robot, winning the round for Robin's Titans.

For the problem solving competition, Kid Flash handed Beast Boy a puzzle cube, which blew up in his hands, automatically giving Kid Flash's Titans the win for the round.

The final round - as determined by Kid Flash - was a race around the world, and the speedster challenged Robin. Robin, despite not having powers, was undaunted by the challenge. When the race began, instead of running, Robin ordered his team to rush inside Titans Tower and lock all the doors. However, Kid Flash was too quick, ran around the world, and still managed to get inside before they could they keep him out. Though Robin admitted he should probably accept defeat and concede the tower to the speedster like a gentleman, he instead bashed Kid Flash's knee in with his battle staff and threw him out the window.

Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Bumblebee, having been kicked out of Jump City, decided to form their own team on the east coast.

Robin's Titans became the sole protectors of Jump City, officially calling themselves the Teen Titans. [6]

Story 2

In an alternate story of their origin, Robin recounted that he decided to form the Teen Titans when, after going solo, he wanted a collection of his own sidekicks that he would called "teammates" to be polite. He went on a website that collected information on the world's superheroes and villains and began assembling his team. He decided that the new hero Cyborg would be the team's muscle, Beast Boy would be the comic relief, Raven would be the reformed criminal, and Starfire would be his love interest. After contacting each of the members separately, they all came together to stop a robbery in Jump City, officially forming the Teen Titans.

Though each of the members liked this version of the story, they didn't think anyone would ever believe it was true. [7]

Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Stars

When the Justice League held a talent competition to see who would be the newest member of their team, the Titans each performed, eager to join their heroes. Though Robin was eliminated in the first round, he signed up again with a different talent - instead using a ventriloquist dummy named "Little Robin", which impressed the judges. The finalists for the competition were Cyborg, Raven, and Robin, and the Justice League chose Robin as the winner. However, despite Robin believing he won, the Justice League actually meant his ventriloquist dummy Little Robin, and the puppet became the newest member of the Justice League. [8]

The Titans later participated in a second talent competition sponsored by the Justice League to find out which superhero team could be considered "the Second Greatest" in relation to them. The Titans were in steep competition with their rivals the H.I.V.E., the two teams going to the finals. Ultimately, the Titans cheated and were declared the winners, but Beast Boy confessed their subterfuge. Due to this, the Titans were disqualified, and the H.I.V.E. were declared the second greatest super team. [9]

In the third talent competition, the Titans were pitted against the Justice League themselves to figure out which team was overall more talented. In this case, the judges - usually members of the League themselves - were replaced by their super-pets. Ultimately, the Titans won the Talent competition, but, before they could celebrate, the theater was invaded by the alien conqueror Starro, who was determined to destroy Earth's most talented super team. Starro targeted the Titans as the competition came to a close. [10]

In the fourth Justice League talent competition, the Titans competed in a dance competition against the Jabbawockeez in an attempt to impress the guest judge Vibe. [11]




  • Due to a clerical error with the Jump City Licensing Board, the Teen Titans were incorrectly only ever licensed as the "Ten Titans". They seemingly revised the typo, only to find they accidentally re-registered themselves as the "Tee Titans". [12]

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