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This is an in-universe fictional character or team. They are all technically fictional characters in comic books, but this one is considered to be fictional within the fictional comic book universe.

The Teen Titans, starring in a show called "Just Us Young'uns", are a version of the Teen Titans mashed up with another young, justice team, as proposed by Starfire when asked to pitch a television show about their adventures.


The show Just Us Young'uns, as described by Starfire, was intended to be a dramatization of the Titans' existing lives.

The Titans invaded Professor Ivo's lair but, due to their mission of being dramatic, devised a plan that also involved unnecessary betrayal and faking their deaths.

While fighting Ivo's legion of androids, Azartemis faked her death, causing Lagoon Beastboy to break down and cry for her. Immediately after, Lagoon Beastboy was actually killed by Red Suspenders. His death was enough to cause Cyborgboy to turn evil.

When the Teen Titans TV show was finally produced, they went in a different direction. [1]


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