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The Teen Titans is a team of five young heroes operating out of Jump City. Lead by Robin, its other members are Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire.


Dick Grayson, Batman's first Robin, had just left Gotham City and travelled across the United States to Jump City. Robin begins making his mark by beating up multiple thugs.[1]

Victor Stone had recently been in a bad car accident that almost killed him. To save their son, Stone's parents rebuilt his body with robotic parts. Cyborg was reborn but came to despise his parents for turning him into a freak. Stone ran away from home and ran to Jump City.

Raven had just escaped her father Trigon powers and travelled to the Earth city of Jump City.

Garfield Logan had just went onto a solo career. He was recently in the Doom Patrol but wanted to have his own career. He wanted to get a fresh start in the California city of Jump City.

Koriand'r, an alien on the run from captivity, runs to Earth and lands in Jump City.

Grayson, Stone, Raven, and Logan team up to fight the incoming alien attack that is Koriand'r. When the fight is over, Koriand'r apologizes and the five form a team known as the Teen Titans who frequently fight evil around Jump City.



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