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Quote1.png In our timeline, the Teen Titans were thrown ten years in the future. They faced themselves. And when they returned--the team split. Everyone went their own way. Quote2.png
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In an alternate future, the Teen Titans split into two: the dictatorial Titans Tomorrow and their resistance, the Titans East.


This alternate timeline branched from the regular New Earth timeline shortly following an adventure wherein the Teen Titans traveled to the 31st Century to assist the Legion of Super-Heroes against the Fatal Five-Hundred. While trying to return home, they accidentally arrived at a point in time ten years into their own future. They met older versions of themselves who had adopted a more violent, fascist approach towards crime prevention. Upon returning to their own era however, these Teen Titans swore that this future would never come to pass, and decided to disband rather than stay together. What none of them realized however, was that the break-up of the Teen Titans was actually the catalyst that created the branched timeline to begin with.[1]

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