One bright day in Titans Tower, Raven exits her room in a extremely bad mood. She kills the flowers in a pot right outside her room and then throws Silkie out the window.

Quote1.png Instead of fighting your dad, maybe you should try to be more like him. Quote2.png

Dog Hand is an episode of season 1 of Teen Titans Go!. It premiered on April 30, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Dog Hand"

One bright day in Titans Tower, Raven exits her room in a extremely bad mood. She kills the flowers in a pot right outside her room and then throws Silkie out the window.

Robin and Starfire watch from the kitchen and note Raven's recent bad mood. As she approaches the rest of the Titans, she uses her power to turn on the Tower's security system. Titans Tower is completely secured.

Beast Boy then walks up to Raven and asks why she is in a bad mood. She blasts Beast Boy with her powers in frustration, saying she doesn't want to talk about it. Cyborg, not laying off, asks Raven to talk as well. Raven, angry, shoots out a magical arm and throws Cyborg against the refrigerator. When Robin calmly asks her to talk, Raven finally decides to tell the Titans her problem: her father is coming to visit.

Raven is the only one who is phased by this. The rest of the Titans look at her, confused. Raven says that her dad is not the typical father. Cyborg and Beast Boy talk about their bad parent experiences and try to top how-ever bad Raven's dad is.

Raven stops them to say that Trigon is her father. The Titans now react with fear.

A knock is heard outside. When Raven deactivates the security system, gigantic Trigon is standing outside. Trigon is as tall as the Tower. Trigon, realizing how big he is, shrinks down and teleports into Titans Tower. He is wearing a sweater vest over a white collared shirt with a tie. Despite everyone's fears, Trigon begins to introduce to the Titans like a normal father.

After introductions, Trigon moves over to Raven. She bluntly asks why he is here. Trigon says he just wanted to visit. They teleport to her room to talk. Still in the kitchen, the other Titans say that Trigon didn't seem that bad.

In Raven's room, Raven is sitting on the bed when Trigon teleports in. Immediately, he uses his powers to clean Raven's room for her. Raven retaliates by moving it all back to the way it was before. Raven says that she knows the real reason Trigon is visiting is to lecture her that she isn't living up to her potential. Trigon doesn't lie and says that she should stop being a hero. She should be the demon she truly is.

Trigon teleports out of her room into the main room with the other Titans. The other Titans try to comfort him. Trigon mentions that he would think his daughter would be happy to have a father who could grant any wish. The Titans become very interested.

Later, in the kitchen, Raven grabs a cup and fills it with water. She begins to rant about her father to Starfire. Strangely, Starfire begins to talk like an Earth teenager. Raven is very confused. Beast Boy, who turns out to be the cup Raven is holding, says that Trigon gave Starfire the power to talk like a real teenager and he gave Beast Boy the power to turn into anything. Raven throws Beast Boy, the cup, at the wall. He then becomes a bean-bag chair.

Annoyed by the two, she moves to the couch where Cyborg is greets her. Robin walks into the room, although he is much stronger. He asks Trigon for super-strength. He is now covered in muscle and twitching with strength. Raven asks why Cyborg didn't ask for a power. Cyborg says he did, raises his hand from the couch, and reveals the Trigon gave him a living dog for a hand. The small dog is happy and yipping. The dog hand begins to lick Cyborg face. Cyborg giggles with enjoyment. Silkie flies into the room with his new wings, also granted by Trigon.

Beast Boy and Starfire walk into the room. The Titans, minus Raven, all agree that Trigon is a great dad and that Raven should try to be more like him. She takes great pain from hearing this. She then agrees and goes to meet her father on the Titans Tower roof.

Trigon is standing alone with a kite, looking sad. Raven arrives and tells her father she is ready to embrace her inner demon. Happy, Trigon melts the kite with his powers and turns to his daughter. He says the first step in embracing her inner demon is to draw her powers from every Earth child's nightmares. She does so, and, all around Jump City, every sleeping kid's dreams are absorbed from their sleeping heads. Raven focuses her power and creates a portal to another dimension.

With step two complete, Trigon says step three is for Raven to kill all her friends. The other Titans are still supporting her, not realizing what Trigon has just told her to do. Trigon suggest killing Beast Boy first, enslaving the rest, and then kill them anyway. The Titans now realize the Trigon means business. The Titans ask Raven not to be like her father.

Trigon, infuriated, transforms into his gigantic form and prepares to fight the Titans. Using their newly given powers, the Titans actually beat Trigon. Raven sends him back to his own dimension. As he leaves, the Titans lose their new power. They walk up to Raven who predicts that Trigon will be back,...for Thanksgiving.


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  • This episode was originally announced as "Raven's Daddy Dearest".

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