One fine day in Titans Tower, Beat Boy is playing a video game and he is on the last level. When he is about to beat the game, Robin suddenly bursts through the door and tells Beast Boy there is an emergency.

Quote1 Um,, uh, license was suspended. Yeah, I was in a little fender-bender. Quote2

Appearing in "Driver's Ed"

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  • Ed
  • Demon

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  • Jump City
    • Titans Tower
    • Burger Splode
    • Game Bear
    • The Cave
    • Bank
    • Pawn Dude
    • Food Bear
    • Casino
    • Justice Java
    • Diamonds Aplenty
    • Jump City Dollar Store (Mentioned only)



Synopsis for "Driver's Ed"

One fine day in Titans Tower, Beat Boy is playing a video game and he is on the last level. When he is about to beat the game, Robin suddenly bursts through the door and tells Beast Boy there is an emergency. The two rush for the car. Beast Boy abandons his game for the good of the mission.

In the car, with Beast Boy driving, Robin tells his fellow Titan that the emergency is that Robin, "has a monster case of the munchies." Robin orders him to pull into the Burger Splode fast food driver-thru. Beast Boy angrily obeys.

The next day, Cyborg is doing his weekly data back-up. Like the day before, Robin busts through the door and tells Cyborg that there is an emergency. Cyborg unplugs himself, risking major memory loss in the process, and dashes to the car with Robin.

Cyborg soon learns that the "emergency" is that Robin needs to pick up a game from the video game store. Cyborg, like Beast Boy the day before, looks at Robin in frustration.

The day after that, Starfire is picking alien berries with Silkie. She tells her pet that the berries are bad for him and that he should not eat any. Again, Robin cries "emergency" and pulls Starfire to the car. Silkie, ignoring Starfire's directions, eats the berries and puffs up from an allergic reaction.

Starfire is forced to drop Robin off at a concert for DJ Aqualad. She sits in the car, furious like her fellow duped Titans.

On the last day, Raven fights a demon that she conjured in her room. However, Robin breaks the process and pulls Raven away. the demon escapes because the ritual was not completed successfully.

Raven, like all the others, is tricked into driving Robin to the beach.

The day after, Friday, the demon is still loose and eats a nearby seagull whole.

Inside the Tower, Robin, again, yells that there is an emergency. None of the Titans even look at him. Robin tries a couple more times before Raven sarcastically asks what the emergency is. Seeing that his jig is up, Robin exaggerates that everything at the dollar store is half off. None of the Titans are impressed.

Beast Boy asks why Robin can't just drive himself. Robin, embarrassed, says his license was suspended because of a little fender. In reality, he totaled the Batmobile. Robin says that he can get his license back really quickly because he found someone on the internet that would help him. Raven states that the whole idea sounds sketchy, but Robin dismisses it.

Later, Robin goes to the spot that the driving instructor said they would meet. All he finds is the car with a note on it that says, "Get in; start engine." Robin does so and begins to dance to the radio in the front seat.

Suddenly, a robber rushes out of the bank nearby with a bag of cash on his back. He throws the bag in the trunk of the car, grabs a clipboard, goes in the passenger seat, and tells Robin that he is the driving instructor. He introduces himself as Ed.

In a rush to escape the police, Ed tells Robin to begin driving hectically. Robin questions Ed's instructions but quickly shuts up because of all the "deductions" Ed randomly gives Robin. Despite escaping the police, against Robin's knowledge, though, Ed gives Robin an "F."

In Titans Tower later, the other Titans make fun of Robin for failing the test. The hero ensures them he will pass eventually since he is allowed to retake the test until he does.

Again, Robin waits outside a location until Ed enters the car with stolen money. Robin drives as he is told to by his "instructor" but fails.

Robin continues to try the test but is constantly failed by Ed.

Some time later, the four other Titans are having coffee at the Justice Java when Raven suddenly notices Robin in the "student driver" vehicle. They then see Ed run out of the nearby jewelry store with a bag of money. They realize Robin is the getaway driver, get in the T-Car, and pursue him.

Robin looks out his rearview mirror to see his friends. He assumes they are trying to catch up to him so they can make fun of him for still not passing his test. He speeds up to avoid them. The two cars go on an insane chase with Robin ultimately being the victor. When they finally stop, the T-Car is so beat up that it explodes. Robin's car has suffered no damage.

Ed, exhausted from the terrifying drive with Robin, "passes" him. Robin jumps for joy but only temporarily. Ed announces that he had been using Robin as a getaway driver the entire time. Robin returns by saying that he did notice.

As punishment, Robin does not warn him about the demon creeping up behind Ed. The demon grabs Ed and pulls him into a magical abyss. Robin stands victorious, finally a licensed driver again.


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  • The death screen Beast Boy recieves when he leaves his game reads, "You are die." This is a reference to internet jokes about poorly translated Japanese video games, the most popular being, "The winner is you."
  • This is the first episode in the entire Earth-Teen Titans series where Robin's real eyes are seen.

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