The Sun is shining bright over Jump City, home of the Teen Titans. However, the Titans are not out fighting crime. Instead, Raven is inside watching "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" on her laptop.

Quote1 There is, ancient sandwich of power. Hidden away from those who would use its power for evil! Quote2

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Synopsis for "Legendary Sandwich"

The Sun is shining bright over Jump City, home of the Teen Titans. However, the Titans are not out fighting crime. Instead, Raven is inside watching "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" on her laptop.

Raven shuts the laptop when she hears Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg enter from the next room over. They are discussing Robin's last fight with the Mud Monsters. The boys are sloppily eating sandwiches next to Raven. She is obviously bothered.

The boys change the conversation and begin talking about how good Robin's sandwiches are. Each boy goes down the line saying what they would do for one of Robin's sandwiches. Raven, seeing an oppurtunity to get the other Titans to go away so she can watch her show, she tells them about a great sandwich she knows about. A legendary sandwich.

Robin dismisses this idea. He doesn't believe in the legend, and, even if it does exist, it can't be better than his sandwiches. Raven congures a book and begins to tell the tale. Starfire enters the room with Silkie.

Raven tells the tale of the Legendary Sandwich. It was created by an old sandwich wizard who was tasked to make it by an anciet king. After 7 days of work, the wizard created the sandwich. The prince, however, attempted to steal the sandwich. The king, heartbroken, ordered the sandwich to be destroyed and its pieces scattered. As legend goes, the sandwich can be recreated if all the pieces are found.

The four Titans, minus Raven, run towards the elevator, ready to remake the sandwich. Raven sighes with relief, pulls out her laptop, and continues watching Pretty Pretty Pegasus. The Titans return soon after and ask Raven where the pieces are located.

Raven lists the ingredients: Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. Cyborg decides to go for the bacon at the Lava Lake, since he has heat resistance. The lettuce, located deep underground, is Beast Boy's goal. Starfire is assigned the tomatoe, since it is found in deep space. Robin is given the task to pick up the bread, the super market. The Titans move out, with Robin more disappointed than the rest. Raven turns on the television.

Cyborg arrives at Lava Lake and finds the bacon chest. He is ambushed by the Sandwich Guardian, a large gold monster meant to protect the pieces of the sandwich.

Beast Boy, finding the lettuce in the underground, is also attacked by a Guardian.

Last, the Sandwich Guardian attacks Starfire in a mysterious planets as soon as she discovers the tomato's chest.

In the supermarket, Robin has trouble getting his cart to move. He seems to be more of a threat to himself than anything else. He goes to the deli and orders the pretzel bread. The woman behind the counter forces him to take a number. He does so and gets the number 78. The counter is only on 23. Robin sighs in discontent.

The other three Titans are busy fighting the Guardians. They each angrily begin to pound on their respective monster. In their fits of rage, they each lose something valuable to them because of the Guardians' strength: Cyborg loses his arm, Starfire loses her hair, and Beast Boy loses his teeth.

Robin waits in the supermarket, bored, as the number slowly ascend.

The three Titans, angrier than ever, begin to thrash on each Guardian. They finally demolish the monsters and walk over to their prizes.

The number finally turns one last time. It's finally Robin's turn to order the pretzel bread! He raises his ticket for this victorious moment.

When the Titans return to the Tower, Raven is playing with Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls in front of the television. She hears the elevator door ping and she immediately throws the toys out of sight. Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy, each badly beaten and tired, sit down on the couch and show Raven their prizes: the bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Raven looks in disbelief, not realizing the legend was actually true.

Robin comes in through the elevator last with a bag of groceries. He is ranting about his awful experience at the market. The Titans give him a cold stare.

It is time to put the piece together. Raven creates a ring on the ground with each piece at a specific point. She says some magic words, and the pieces immediately fly together to assemble the Legendary Sandwich.

The Titans cannot decide who deserves the first bite. Robin says he deserves it since he is the leader and "a sandwich expert." Cyborg complains he lost a hand for the sandwich and deserves it the most. Starfire and Beast Boy complain about their hair and teeth respectively, too.

As they are screaming at one another, Silkie comes over and eats the entire sandwich in one bite. Each Titan whines with loss over their beloved sandwich. Silkie magically rises up and a crown appears on his head. He majesticly hovers there for a minute before vomiting a green sludge and walking away.

Beast Boy takes a knee to cry over his lost sandwich. Robin smugs and says that the sandwich probably wasn't that great. He asks the Titans if they want to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus. Everyone but Raven responds negatively.


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