"Pop Quiz": One peaceful day in Titans Tower is quickly ruined as a masked villain hacks into the Titan's mainframe computer. The green-oriented teen claims that he met the Titans once before. The heroes look at him over the screen, confused. The evil teen stops for a second. He states that

Quote1.png I will confound you with my clues. Bedazzle you with my puzzles. Rack you with my riddles -- Quote2.png
Kwiz Kid

Teen Titans Go! #15 is an issue of the series Teen Titans Go! (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2005. It was published on January 26, 2005.

Synopsis for "Pop Quiz"

One peaceful day in Titans Tower is quickly ruined as a masked villain hacks into the Titan's mainframe computer. The green-oriented teen claims that he met the Titans once before. The heroes look at him over the screen, confused. The evil teen stops for a second. He states that they actually haven't met before, but they will get to know him very well very soon. The boy claims he will soon become their arch-enemy. He introduces himself as Kwiz Kid!

Kwiz Kid says that his problem and challenges are directed at Robin. The villain claims that he wants to put Robin's detective skills to the test. Since Robin is obviously more athletic than Kwiz Kid, the villain wants to prove that he is smarter than Robin. Robin, at first, refuses to play.

Kwiz Kid angles the camera to point at a vat of acid. Dangling above it is Kitten. Face-palming himself, Robin agrees to save his annoying fan-girl.

Kwiz Kid happily sits down in his chair and gives Robin his first clue: "To locate your first clue, this is what you must do: breath underwater where sharks swim around you." Beast Boy jokingly surrenders to Kwiz Kid, stating how Kitten isn't much of a loss. The rest of the team disagrees and they head off to Ocean World.

At Ocean World, Beast Boy gleefully sings the amusement park's jingle. Robin stops him and tells the rest of the team they need to find Kitten in there somewhere.

In another location, Kwiz Kid watches the Titans on a big television and notes how fast they figured out his clue. Kitten laughs and notes how Robin is the "hottest and the coolest" hero ever. This comment bothers Kwiz Kid because of how contradictory it is.

The Titans find the first written clue: in a glass encased shark tank. Beast Boy turns into a shark and goes in the tank after it. The green Titan returns to the other with the clue and hands it to Robin. It reads: "You must guess the score before the hockey game starts, or you'll never get to the third and fourth parts."

The heroes rush off to the Jump city arena where the Jump City Sharks are about to begin playing the Gotham City Knights in a game of hockey. Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin rush inside, but Beast Boy gets distracted. Instead, he buys a foam finger. Raven tries to get her fellow Titan to continue on with the mission.

Inside the stadium, Robin states the answer to the riddle. The score before the game is always that same and he just predicted it: zero to zero. The hint is to ask the player with the number zero-zero. Robin taps on the glass and asks the player with the number. The man points to the ground and says there was a message left for the Robin. It reads, "Too few visit here and that's a pity because one can say it's the tallest building in the city."

Back with Kwiz Kid, the villain sits in his chair, frustrated at how well the Titans are doing. Kitten cheers for Robin, untied from her original position. Kitten criticizes Kwiz Kid's riddling skills. Kwiz Kid does not stay mad at her for long. Instead, he pulls out two champagne glasses and a bottle of grape juice. He begins to flirt with Kitten, but she seems extremely creeped out by it.

The Titans are driving around looking for the tallest building in the T-Car. Beast Boy thinks it is Titans Tower. Starfire disagrees. She suggests checking neighboring cities for tall buildings, too. Cyborg names some of the tallest buildings in the city including the Wayne Enterprises building and the Lexcorp building. Robin says that it's neither. The answer to the riddle is the library!

At the Jump City library, Beast Boy asks how the library, a one floor building, is the tallest in the city. Robin, afraid of getting scolded by the librarian, whispers that it has the most stories.

Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg begin looking for the clue. Cyborg wishes that it isn't hidden in one of the thousands of books that the library offers. Robin says it is hidden in a book, but they can narrow down the search. The Titan notes that Kwiz Kid has some obsession with sharks because of the sharks at Ocean World and the Sharks hockey team.

The three arrive at the Marine Biology section of the book store. There are still too many books to check. Robin notices another clue to find the book. The book shelves are all filled with dust, except for one section by a single book. Robin takes it out and skips to the fourth chapterm according to one of Kwiz Kid's earlier clues. The fourth chapter begins with a picture of Shark Island.

On Shark Island, off the coast of Jump City, Kwiz Kid panics as he sees on his television that the Titans are speeding towards his island. Kwiz Kid is the only one panicing. Kitten is actually putting on her make-up. Kitten says that she is preparing for Robin. Kwiz Kid is heartbroken. He thought he had a thing with Kitten. She coldly shoots down the idea. After she is done getting pretty, Kitten walks out of Kwiz Kid's lab and pronounces she is ready for Robin.

When she opens her eyes, she sees the Titans are busy fighting off hoardes of moths. It's her father, Killer Moth! Killer Moth says that he is trying to rescue Kitten from Kwiz Kid. Kitten screeches at him, saying how she didn't need to be rescued. It was all her idea to lure Robin to her. She was using Kwiz Kid as a pawn the entire time.

Kwiz Kid follows Kitten out of his lab. She screams at him, saying how she was using him the whole time. Kwiz Kid says he is disappointed, but, at least, part of his plan worked. Kwiz Kid begins to fade away, showing that he is a hologram. The hologram says that he called in Killer Moth to their location so Kwiz Kid could make his escape. Kwiz Kid's hologram swears that he will meet Robin soon again. Robin does not have an answer to where Kwiz Kid could have gone.

Robin says that, despite Kitten's effort, he still doesn't want to go out with her. Raven asks whatever happened to Kitten's spider-headed boyfriend, Fang. Kitten screams at her, saying that they broke up.

Killer Moth, furious at his daughter, grabs her by the wrist and says she is grounded for a month. Beast Boy asks if they are really going to let them go like that. Cyborg says he doesn't mind, afterall, a one-month grounding is all the punishment she needs.

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  • This issue is reprinted in the Teen Titans Go!: Bring it On trade paperback.
  • This issue shipped on January 26th, 2005.
  • Kwiz Kid is a character who is unique to the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.
  • Kitten was one of Robin's lamented love interests. She was introduced in the Season One episode "Date With Destiny".


  • Kwiz Kid makes multiple culture references when he is introducing himself to the Titans. He compares himself to:
    • Professor Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes stories
    • Prince John, the villain from the Robin Hood legend
    • The Hydra that Hercules had to fight in his story
    • Darth Vader from the popular Star Wars saga
    • Donkey Kong, the original villain of the famed Super Mario

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