""Beauty and the Wildebeest"": Starfire is off to the mall for a shopping spree, but villainy seems to follow her everywhere. Inside the mall, the H.I.V.E. Headmistress is radioing her operatives to move in on an small child. However, the Titan g

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Teen Titans Go! #16 is an issue of the series Teen Titans Go! (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2005. It was published on February 23, 2005.

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Synopsis for "Beauty and the Wildebeest"

Starfire is off to the mall for a shopping spree, but villainy seems to follow her everywhere. Inside the mall, the H.I.V.E. Headmistress is radioing her operatives to move in on an small child. However, the Titan gets in their way, causing the Headmistress to cancel the move temporarily.

Starfire, walking with bags of clothes, notices the small child crying. She rushes over to him and conforts him. She realizes he is seperated from his family. Remembering the first time she got lost in a mall on Earth, she tries her best to confort the little boy. Getting an idea, she takes a pair of goggles from a nearby sports store and puts them on the little boy's head. He immediately stops crying and giggles with glee. But, one of the store employees refuses to let Starfire leave without paying for the goggles.

As Starfire begins to pay the man, the little boy notices one of the Headmistress' teenage goons taking Starfire's clothes bag she dropped earlier. The little boy begins to fight the goon for the bag. Suddenly, the toddler transforms into a small, furry, gray monster with horns. The attacker gasps in horror. Some surrounding pedestrians also panic as the ugly little monster fights the villain.

The little monster boy panics and picks up Starfire. The boy, in this form, has a lot of strength since he can sprint across the mall while still carrying Starfire. But, because the boy was so reckless in his escape, he gains the attention of some angry shop owners. Starfire grabs the boy from under her and flies him to the second floor of the mall to escape the clerks. The beast hugs Starfire's leg happily.

Before they can begin to talk, Starfire and the monster are surrounded by guards. The guards think the little boy is a threat and is hurting Starfire. The Titan tries to explain the situation to the guards but, while she is doing so, one of the guards shoots the boy in the butt with a dart. The little monster panics and becomes angry. His powers transform into his final form. It is revealed that the little boy was Wildebeest in his non-power state.

Wildebeest, now in his power state, is growling at the guards. One of them becomes so scared that he shoots a bolt from his gun, Starfire jumps in front of the blast to save Wildebeest. Starfire, then, lays unconscious from the shot. Wildebeest, even angrier than ever, picks up Starfire and ascends the elevator to safety.

At Titans Tower, Robin gets a signal from the mall security asking for help. Beast Boy and Cyborg try to guess who the villain is. They are both wrong when Robin tells them it is Wildebeest. They drop their food in horror.

Back at the mall, Wildebeest is taking Starfire to the first aid office for assistance. He cannot tend to her very long because the Headmistress' goons (Rock, Paper, and Scissors) move in on Wildebeest. They begin to beat down on him while he tries to assist still unconscience Starfire.

The rest of the Titans soon arrive. By the time they start to help Wildebeest, they have already captured and bound the Headmistress to a chair. The Titans quickly beat Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

Raven begins to heal Starfire with her powers and says that Star will be fine. Beast Boy tells Raven about how the boys met Wildebeest during the tournament they were all forced to compete in.

Wildebeest randomly turns back into his human, toddler self. Starfire says that she will take Wildebeest back to the food court and try to find his family. Cyborg laughs as he remembers that Wildebeest, who they now know is a kid, beat Beast Boy in the Tournament of Heroes.



  • Starfire always refers to the Mall as the "Mall of Shopping".

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