"Lame": The story begins with Cyborg hopping from rooftop to rooftop for his "morning jog." Suddenly, trouble erupts on the ground. It's Cinderblock and he's robbing a building. Cyborg descends to the ground and fights Cinderblock. Using his removable arm,

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Teen Titans Go! #3 is an issue of the series Teen Titans Go! (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2004. It was published on January 28, 2004.

Synopsis for "Lame"

The story begins with Cyborg hopping from rooftop to rooftop for his "morning jog." Suddenly, trouble erupts on the ground. It's Cinderblock and he's robbing a building. Cyborg descends to the ground and fights Cinderblock. Using his removable arm, Cyborg defeats Cinderblock and the police take him away.

After the fight, a young boy runs over and asks for Cyborg's autograph. Cyborg happily gives it to the boy. Cyborg sees a mother and daughter walk close to him and asks if they want his autograph as well. They both look frightened and the little girl begs for the hero not to hurt her. Cyborg turns around to see the boy who he gave his autograph to talking to a teenage girl. The girl rants about how Cyborg's autograph is practically worthless. He's not hot like Robin or cool like Beast Boy. Cyborg walks away from the scene frustrated.

Cyborg returns to Titans Tower where the rest of the team is having an argument on who has better hair: Beast Boy or Robin. Starfire says that Robin has more adequate hair. The team offers Cyborg some pizza, but he declines, still upset about the comments.

Beast Boy changes the topic and asks Raven who's better looking: him or Robin. Raven says that outward appearances don't matter. Beast Boy interprets this as meaning he's ugly.

Starfire sees Cyborg all gloomy and depressed and asks why. He gives no reply and walks back outside.

In the park, Cyborg predicts that only girls don't like him. Suddenly, he is struck in the head by a baseball. A young boy runs over to claim the ball and asks if he's Cyborg. Another one of the boys runs over and he is also surprised to see Cyborg. The boys show Cyborg that they have fake body parts, too. Both boys show their fake arms.

The boys coach comes over and asks what the hold up is. It is a blonde woman named Sarah. Cyborg is overcome with lust when he sees the woman. The boys ask if Cyborg can play baseball with them, and Cyborg agrees.

In Titans Tower, Robin and Starfire are watching the news report about Cyborg's epic battle with Cinderblock this morning. The two heroes are both impressed by their friend's work all by himself. Beast Boy comes along and he also yells with excitement for his friend. Raven is suspicious why he was so withdrawn before if he had just single-handedly stopped a robbery. Starfire assumes it's because the other Titans didn't help. Robin shoots down the theory by saying that he had his T-Communicator.

Their conversation abruptly stops when the new reporter begins shouting that Cinderblock is on the loose again! The Titans (excluding Cyborg) spring into action.

Back with Cybrog in the park, the hero is arguing with a child whether the kid was safe or not. The two are in a screaming match. Cyborg says that his bionic eye can record everything it sees. The Titan replays the footage and realizes he is wrong. He appologizes to the kid and they go for a water break.

Sarah and Cybrog sit next to each other on the bench. Simms says how the kids admire someone as special as him. He says that the real heroes are the ones, like her, who volunteer to be counselors.

Suddenly, Cinderblock pounces Cyborg from the bushes for revenge. Sarah yells that they have to get the children away from the monster. Cyborg grabs a couple children and begins to get them to safety. Two children try to fight Cinderblock, saying how this is "Team Cyborg's" park. Just as the villain is preparing to squash the children, Starfire and Raven arrive to save them. The kids say how this is the best day ever for them.

Somewhere else in the park, Sarah Simms tries to calm down one of the children when Cinderblock attacks them. Raven arrives and protects the two. The plan is for Robin to distract Cinderblock while the others get the children to safety. Once all the children are gone, Cyborg shows Robin his super sound cannon. The robotic hero shoots Cinderblock and the villain is downed in one shot.

As the rock monster is taken away, Cyborg announces that he'll be back to play with them next weekend. Sarah Simms tells Cyborg to call her sometime.

The Titans victoriously walk off into the sunset. Cybrog apologizes to his team for acting lame. The story concludes.

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