"The Strangest Sports Story Ever Told": Cyborg is mid pitch in the weirdest sports game ever! Atlas is at bat with Beast Boy as catcher. Fixit is standing unimpressed next to Beast Boy, playing the role of umpire.

Teen Titans Go! #33 is an issue of the series Teen Titans Go! (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2006. It was published on July 26, 2006.

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Synopsis for "The Strangest Sports Story Ever Told"

Cyborg is mid pitch in the weirdest sports game ever! Atlas is at bat with Beast Boy as catcher. Fixit is standing unimpressed next to Beast Boy, playing the role of umpire.

The teams switch. The heroes are now at bat and the villains are in the field. Robin reminds the all the Titans, including the honorary ones that are helping play, that they have to capture Control Freak, Mad Mod, and Puppet King since they have the audience hypnotized in the stands. As Robin says that, Beast Boy strikes out. It's the bottom of the ninth. There are three men on base and the heroes are down by three points. The game depends on the next batter: Starfire.

The narrator rewinds the story to the start. It's hat day at Jump City Stadium! The Jump City Tigers are about to go up against the Metropolis Mets. The announcers states that the Teen Titans will throw the first pitch this evening. Beast Boy begs to throw it, but Robin and Cyborg shoot him down. Afterall, they remind him, Beast Boy throws like a girl.

Their fun is soon ruined due to multiple villains teaming up and arriving at the stadium. Cyborg charges up his sound cannon arm, but Robin tells him to cool down. They are in a stadium filled with innocent bystanders, afterall. The villains say they want to play a game of baseball: heroes vs villains. The Titans are confused.

Control Freak and Puppet King point to the crowd. The hats that everyone in the audience were handed are really mind-control devices. The audience is in the palm of their hands. Mad Mod threatens the Titans and says, if they don't play, the villains will order the crowd to jump in a lake and drown. The heroes have no choice but to play.

The villains set the stakes: if the heroes win, the villains turn themselves in. If the villains win, the Titans leave Jump City for good. The Titans agree to play.

Beast Boy points out that the villains have an entire team prepared and there are only five Titans. Mumbo notices as well and pulls Bumblebee out of his hat. Afterwards, he pulls out Mas y Menos, then Speedy. Control Freak criticizes Mumbo for spawning good players for the heroes, meanwhile the bad guys have a screwy robot and a pirate on their side. Captain Pegleg Jack yells at Control Freak for insulting his baseball skills.

Control Freak says, since the Titans are the "home team," villains get to bat first. Robin pauses for a second to ask who's the umpire. Beast Boy says that the heroes now have too many players, one of them could referee. Mad Mod shouts at the idea because he doesn't trust the heroes will ref fairly. Cyborg, getting an idea, whispers something to Mas y Menos. The two rush away and quickly return, carring Fixit. Cyborg introduces him and states that Fixit will be fair, considering he's a highly advanced robot.

The game begins. For the first few innings, the villains use their powers to cheat. Despite their attempts, the score remains 0-0.

Titans East suggests using their powers in retaliation. Cyborg refuses. He says that, if they do, that's stooping to their level. He believes they can win without their fancy powers and gadgets. Raven gets an idea that Cyborg agrees with: only use your powers to stop the villains from cheating. As Speedy is avoiding being tagged out by Plasmus extending his arm, Raven uses her psychic powers to form bricks in Plasmus' path. Her power negates Plasmus'.

By the end of the fifth, it's 6-0 with the villains in the lead. The heroes are still using their powers to negate the villains'. Robin ends up hitting a home run, which causes Kitten to cheer in the audience. Her father, Killer Moth, coldly scolds her for cheering for the wrong team.

The game progresses to the point where the story began. The score is 6-3 with the villains still in the lead. Starfire walks up to bat. Starfire swings and hits a grand slam! Cyborg hugs Starfire in victory. The other players on base remind Cyborg she still has to run the bases, though.

Robin changes the topic. He says the game doesn't matter. They have to get the hats off of the fans while they have the chance. The Titans all use their powers and get many of the hats off. The ones who are not assisting the fans are busy beating up the villains. They need to figure out who was in charge of mind-controlling the citizens.

The heroes beat up and take the devices from Control Freak, Puppet King, and Mad Mod, but none of them are in control. The real mastermind is Killer Moth! Robin takes Killer Moth's controller and snaps it in half. The day is saved and the rest of the Titans begin to capture the villains.

In another location, the Brain and Mallah are finishing watching the baeball game on a big television. They discuss the bet they had going. Brain states that they discuss their next plan to beat the Teen Titans.


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