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"Biography of a Beast Boy": The story begins with Beast Boy, Cyborg, Sarah Simms, and several children sitting around a campfire at night. Beast Boy decides to entertain the kids with his "secret origin story." He begins by saying that he was with his cryptozoologist parents hunting the chupacab

Teen Titans Go! #45 is an issue of the series Teen Titans Go! (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2007.

Synopsis for "Biography of a Beast Boy"

The story begins with Beast Boy, Cyborg, Sarah Simms, and several children sitting around a campfire at night. Beast Boy decides to entertain the kids with his "secret origin story." He begins by saying that he was with his cryptozoologist parents hunting the chupacabra in the jungles of Africa.

Cyborg interrupts telling the kids that Beast Boy's parents were biologists, not cryptozoologists. Beast Boy is obviously changing some details to make his story more interesting. When Beast Boy yells at Cyborg to let him continue, the children begin asking questions on why they were looking for the chupacabra in Africa when it is really native to South America. Beast Boy realizes he's about to be caught in his lie so he changes his story again.

This time, Beast Boy says that he was with his parents in the Mesa. He explains that he got lost and was attacked by a basilisk. The basilisk, instead of turning him to stone, transformed him into what he is today.

Cyborg interrupts again, calling his bluff. Cyborg tells the real story of how Beast Boy got his powers. Cyborg tells the children that Beast Boy was bitten by a green monkey in the jungle and his parents gave him an untested antidote that allowed him to transform into any animal at will.

As Cyborg begins arguing with one of the children, Beast Boy talks to Sarah Simm about his parents. He explains how there was a flood and his parents died. He says that he wasn't an orphan for long though. He was soon recruited by the Justice League!

Cyborg interrupts again and, again, calls out his lie and says that Beast Boy never joined the Justice League. Cyborg then begins to make up lies himself saying that the Doom Patrol found Beast Boy at the pound.

Beast Boy defends himself by explaining that he wanted to join the Doom Patrol and broke into their base. After a short fight, they were impressed and adopted him. The children are skeptical about that part and go to sleep. The irony is that Beast Boy was actually telling the truth about that part.

The boys head for their tents, making up their own origins for Beast Boy. Beast Boy is mad that the kids don't believe him and he mutters to himself as the story ends.

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Synopsis for "Cyborg's Story"

The story takes place almost directly after the first one. All of the boys, including Beast Boy, are asleep. Only Cyborg and Sarah Simm are still awake. The two are a little awkward towards each other since they dated before but they manage to hold a conversation. Simm begins to become hostile when she remembers how he is constantly fighting evil and doesn't have time for her. Cyborg apologizes and they are back on even terms.

Cyborg begins to tell Simm about his past. His origin. Cyborg recalls how he was a track star in high school. He loved speed. But, one day, his speed got the best of him and he got into a really bad car accident.

Cyborg remembers how his parents were devastated seeing him in the hospital, but they had an idea. His parents, being scientists, saved Cyborg's life by giving him mechanical parts. They used all the advanced technology to rebuild their son.

When he woke up from his coma, Cyborg finds himself half robotic. He yells at his parents and does not appreciate their work. For a while, he practiced living with his new body but despised his parents for turning him into a freak.

Cyborg soon ran away from home and landed in Jump City. He then realized that he ran away from the only two people who actually understood him. Now he was a freak to society with no one to depend on. That night, Jump City was under attack by a rogue alien. Cyborg decided he should get over his problems and help other people with theirs. He teamed up with another three heroes that night and stopped the alien. They decided to create a superhero team known as the Teen Titans to help stop crime together.

Cyborg is done telling his story and asks Sarah Simm out again, asking for another chance. She is not sure considering she is going off to college soon. Cyborg isn't worried considering he's a walking communication center. She agrees and the two embrace.

The story concludes with Beast Boy killing the mood by singing "Cyborg and Sarah sitting in a tree."

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  • One of the children determine that Beast Boy contracted the disease known as sakutia from the monkey. The only antibiotic, he mentions, only comes from wild animals.
  • On the car that Cyborg crashed in, the license plate number was CBG-010. CBG being a reference to CyBorG.

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