"Wrong Place, Wrong Time": The story begins with a monologue from Kilowatt, a Teen Titan, about how he ended up in two different universes at once. In his universe, he was trapped in a very grave situation, and his cries for help attracted the attentions of Raven, who saved him by pulling him th

Teen Titans Go! #48 is an issue of the series Teen Titans Go! (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2007.

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Synopsis for "Wrong Place, Wrong Time"

The story begins with a monologue from Kilowatt, a Teen Titan, about how he ended up in two different universes at once. In his universe, he was trapped in a very grave situation, and his cries for help attracted the attentions of Raven, who saved him by pulling him through a magic portal into her world. For a time, he helped Raven and the Teen Titans of her world fight evil, until she found a way to send him back. Kilowatt bid his new friends a sad farewell.

Unfortnately, Kilowatt was sent to the Teen Tyrants' world, where he is pursued by that world's Tempest and Arsenal. Arsenal shoots an arrow that coats Kilowatt in foam, immobilizing him, while Tempest uses his hydrokinetic powers to make a nearby water pipe burst and short-circuit Kilowatt, knocking him out. While Tempest gloats over their new victim, Arsenal notifies his leader, Red Robin with his communicator, notifying him of a new "present" for the Tyrants' female members.

In the Teen Titans' world, Raven lies asleep in the Titans Tower's infirmary, severely exhausted from sending Kilowatt home, while her friends Starfire and Cyborg watch over her. Suddenly, Raven wakes up, shocking Starfire and Cyborg, and senses that Kilowatt is in trouble. She realizes to her horror that she sent Kilowatt to the wrong universe.

Back in the Teen Tyrants' world, Kilowatt is held prisoner at the Teen Tyrants' Tower, where he is interrogated by Blackfire for the location of their enemies, the Brotherhood of Justice. Kilowatt denies any knowledge of the Brotherhood of Justice and tells the Tyrants that he doesn't belong in their world, a claim that Tyrants member Red Raven confirms. Red Raven explains to her team that, using a mystical mirror, she discovered that Kilowatt comes from one of many alternate universes, and someone teleported him to the Tyrants' world by accident. And somehow, Kilowatt shares a psychic link with Raven...

As the Teen Titans research ways to rescue Kilowatt, Raven tells Robin that somehow she can sense his cries for help from the universe she sent him to. Cyborg theorizes that Kilowatt's electricity powers boosted Raven's telepathy in some way, allowing them to contact each other no matter what place they're in. Robin asks Raven to use her powers to open whatever portal she sent Kilowatt to and find him. Despite her previous failure, Raven decides to try again.

Simultaneously, Red Raven is working on opening up a portal to whatever world Kilowatt came from so her team could plunder the reality of the Titans, while her teammates excitedly await the prospect of causing destruction. Both Raven and Red Raven chant, "Azaroth, Metrion, Zinthos!" and open the portal connecting to their worlds, much to both parties' surprise. The Teen Titans see the captive Kilowatt and move to rescue him, getting themselves in conflict with their Tyrant counterparts. Red Raven interrupts the battle by using her powerful magic abilities to immobilize the Titans, but assures her disappointed teammates that there's more fun to be had in conquering the Titans' world and subjugating its heroes... starting with Raven, whom Red Raven plans to make her slave.

Blackfire, who snuck away from the battle unseen, drops her disguise and reveals herself as Gemini, outing herself as a mole. She lets in her team, the Brotherhood of Justice, who easily defeat the Tyrants. The Titans use the opportunity to take Kilowatt and leave; Robin offers to let the Titans help the Brotherhood of Justice deal with the Tyrants, but Gemini turns him down, telling him that the Titans got their own problems to deal with as it is.

After the Titans leave the Tyrants' world with Kilowatt in tow, Raven closes the portal to that world for good and collapses in Beast Boy's arms. Kilowatt asks if Raven is okay, and Robin assures him she is. Kilowatt expresses relief that he is home, but Raven points out he's not home in the proper universe. Not wanting to make the same mistake again, Raven enlists the help of Herald for a joint effort: Herald will use his Gabriel Horn to summon the dimension portals, while Raven uses her powers to make sure nothing comes out of them, with Kilowatt serving as their power boost.

Kilowatt finds his home world, where his friends Mirage, Nightwing, and Battalion are fighting hordes of Slade robots. He thanks the Titans for helping him and leaves to help his own team, before Raven closes and locks the portal to his world. The Titans express doubt that Kilowatt will be okay in his world. Robin is confident he will be, because Kilowatt has his own Titans to support him.


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