"The Revolt at Harrison High": One night in Gotham City, a bank is robbed by a souped-up roadster, sending Batman and Robin on their trail, however they are unable to catch up to the vehicle in the Batmobile, and it manages to escape. Returning to the Batcave, Robin gets a message from the Presi

Teen Titans #3 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1966. It was published on March 22, 1966.

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  • The students at Harrison High School
    • Danny Robinson



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Synopsis for "The Revolt at Harrison High"

One night in Gotham City, a bank is robbed by a souped-up roadster, sending Batman and Robin on their trail, however they are unable to catch up to the vehicle in the Batmobile, and it manages to escape. Returning to the Batcave, Robin gets a message from the Presidents Commission on Education to visit Washington D.C. with the rest of the Teen Titans. Traveling to the capital and meeting with the head of the commission, they are asked if they would help in their quest to persuade high school drop outs to go back to school. He specifically would like the Titans to target the city of Harrison which has a high number of drop outs, hoping that the Titans involvement would help their campaign.

Arriving in the town the Titans meet with the principal of Harrison High and he shows them his most puzzling case of a high school drop out: A boy named Danny Robinson who in spite of his high grades and popularity, dropped out of high school the moment he became legally allowed to. Going to Danny's house they catch him just as he is about to leave in a souped-up hot rod. He explains to them that he dropped out because his father passed away and that getting a job was the best he could do to help support his mother and sister. Before going, he tells them that he's been working for Ding-Dong Daddy Dawg a mechanic that owns a shop that specializes in hot rods and makes a decent living from working with the man. Finding the job offer suspicious, the Titans decide to check it out Ding-Dong's operation.

The portly Ding-Dong shows them around his shop, however, Robin becomes more suspicious when they are refused to see one particular room. Having Kid Flash investigate by vibrating through the door and peeking inside before anyone can see, the Boy Speedster learns that Ding-Dong's mechanics shop is really a front for a criminal operation wherein they design specially rigged vehicles to have concealed weapons.

Relaying the information back to Robin, the Boy Wonder ends the meeting with Ding-Dong Daddy and the Titans depart in their helicopter. Landing it nearby the factory so that they can spy on Ding-Dong, they eventually see him speed out in a specialized roadster. Kid Flash speeds out and stops him from colliding with a school bus. Elsewhere, Wonder Girl tries to stop another one of Dawg's souped-up vehicle but finds that it's electrically charged when she tries to lasso it and is knocked out by the jolt. Aqualad meanwhile follows another vehicle which is specially made to drive near water, when he tries to approach it, the vehicle launches surf boards, one of them clips Aqualad in the back of the head knocking him out as well.

While the other Titans are occupied, Robin takes pictures of all the gimmick vehicles when Ding-Dong and some of his thugs enter the room. After a brief battle, Robin is bound up and knocked out. He comes too when he finds himself handcuffed to a speeding motorcycle that is about to fly off a ramp. Seeing a near by sandpit he maneuvers the vehicle so that it crashes on the soft sand and he is later recovered by Wonder Girl. Reuniting with the rest of the Titans, they begin to regroup and decide to figure out how to deal with Ding-Dong when news comes in that two local gangs, the Hubcaps and the Scorchers intend to have a rumble that night. Disguising themselves as members of the Hubcaps, the Titans quickly end the conflict.

Later, Wonder Girl goes under cover and manages to infiltrate Ding-Dong's operation and charm him into letting her dance for him in his office. While he's distracted the other Titans plant a bug that broadcasts Ding-Dong's admission that he sells his work to criminals, with his legitimate workers realizing that they have been made unwitting accomplices they try to grab him. Making his escape he is tripped up by Wonder Girl and the rest of the Titans make short work of the rest of of his gang of thugs. When Dawg's final trap, a gimmicked gas pump goes wild, Danny sacrifices his hot rod to destroy it and save Kid Flash from injury.

After all the teen workers quit and Ding-Dong Daddy is turned over to the police, Danny and the other teenagers who have dropped out and were working for Dawg decide to give high school another chance.



  • Ding-Dong Daddy is based on Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, an artist and custom car designer who earned notoriety in 1960s Southern California with his modified hot rods and trademark character, Rat-Fink.

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