"Titans: Then & Now (Part III of IV)": The Teen Titans and the original Titans split into pairs and begin exploring Haze's compound in search of the villain. Risk and Tempest have a bri

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Teen Titans (Volume 2) #14 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 1997.

Synopsis for "Titans: Then & Now (Part III of IV)"

The Teen Titans and the original Titans split into pairs and begin exploring Haze's compound in search of the villain. Risk and Tempest have a brief altercation with some armored guards, but they evade attack by diving into the sewage system. Risk believes that Haze is using the compound's plumbing system to distribute the gas that produces his hallucinogenic effects. Both men begin suffering visions of their respective mentors (Aquaman and Loren Jupiter) admonishing them.

Meanwhile, the Flash and Prsym begin exploring another section of the building. The darkness of the chambers start to sap Prysm's power and she begins to panic. Wally is taken aback when he finds himself suddenly wearing the costume of his late mentor Barry Allen. His own uniform rebels against him and incapacities the Flash while Prysm finds herself sealed inside a bag of unending darkness.

Elsewhere, Argent and Nightwing engage several of Haze's sentries, but manage to get away. Nightwing begins seeing visions of Batman, but knows that this is just another of Haze's tricks. Haze himself finally makes an appearance and manages to distract the heroes long enough for him to get the drop on them.

In another corridor, Arsenal and Joto try to determine the layout of the entire facility. Joto puts a thermal charge into one of Arsenal's crossbow bolts and Roy fires it into a chamber wall. Joto sees an image of his fellow Titans captive, but is worried when he sees no sign of Argent. Argent then appears before him, but this is just another of Haze's illusions. Arsenal is unable to warn him as he is crippled by visions of his old days as a heroin addict.

Meanwhile, the Atom manages to find Omen. He sets her free and Omen teleports them both to Haze's command center where he has now collected together all of the captured members from both teams. Haze attacks Omen and tears her mask free. The Titans all gasp in shock as the face of Omen is finally revealed.

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  • The tagline to this issue is "Who is Omen?"
  • Issue includes Teen Titans Profile #8: Tempest. The graphic used in the profile is illustrated by Phil Jimenez and taken from the cover to Tempest #1.


  • One of the four faces revealed on the last page actually is Omen.
  • Editor Eddie Berganza remarks in the letters column about how many members of the Titans, past and present, were known for wearing hoods. On the cover to this issue, there are five hooded Titans shown; Raven, Omen, Mal Duncan, Joto and Phantasm.

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