"Coming Out (Part II of II)": The Teen Titans meet Nightwing, Robin and Captain Marvel, Jr., with tension developing immediately between them; [[Cody Driscoll (New Earth)|R

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Teen Titans (Volume 2) #5 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 1997. It was published on December 26, 1996.

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Synopsis for "Coming Out (Part II of II)"

The Teen Titans meet Nightwing, Robin and Captain Marvel, Jr., with tension developing immediately between them; Risk believes that they are there to take the Titans down. His impetuousness lands him into a scuffle with Nightwing, who uses his acrobatic ability to avoid Risk's blows. The Atom tries to sooth their growing tempers, and tells Nightwing that he is training this new group of Titans. Loren Jupiter and Omen then arrive on the scene and are reunited with Nightwing, who has not seen Mister Jupiter in many years, and he already has a suspicion as to Omen's true identity.

Suddenly, Prysm experiences a psychic flash to another hybrid. Images of a strange alien creature as well as an unconscious Supergirl are displayed across Prysm's refractive body - the two are clearly in great trouble, and Omen volunteers to teleport the group to Supergirl's location.

Elsewhere, Supergirl and the alien are prisoners of the The Veil - a secret organization devoted towards eradicating extraterrestrials from the planet Earth. The leader of the Veil is an armored being known as Pylon, who knows about the H'San Natall and their plans to seed the Earth with super-powered hybrids.

The Teen Titans and their allies board the captured Psion ship and begin flying towards their designation. Nightwing is shocked to discover that the pilot of the ship is Neil Richards, an old Teen Titans foe once known as the Mad Mod. Richards assures him that he's flying the straight and narrow now.

The heroes reach the tower headquarters of the Veil and charge in, and chaos ensues. The Titans quickly take down the masked veil agents and free Supergirl and the captured alien (whom they now refer to as Fringe), who join in the fight as well. Fringe's sheer savagery allows him to pummel the Veil troops with little effort. Still, they do not have the strategy and firepower to take down the entire complex. Once they have freed the prisoners, the heroes take off in two directions and regroup at the Psion ship. They fly off, but Nightwing vows to keep investigating the Veil.

With the mission completed, everyone retires to the Solar Tower. After seeing them in action, Nightwing endorses these new Teen Titans and thinks that they will prosper under the Atom's leadership.


  • The issue includes Teen Titans Profile #5: Prysm.
  • The true identity of Omen was revealed in later issues.
  • The captured Psion ship from the first few issues is retrofitted as a new T-Jet in this issue.
  • The Mad Mod's true name, Neil Richards, is revealed in this issue.


  • The Teen Titans create their own theme song based upon the old Flintstones theme song.

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