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"Titans Tomorrow, Part III of III: East Meets West": Ten years from now

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Teen Titans (Volume 3) #19 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2005. It was published on December 15, 2004.

Synopsis for "Titans Tomorrow, Part III of III: East Meets West"

Ten years from now
The Teen Titans meet with the Titans East gang. They regroup at the New York Titans Tower and discuss a battle strategy. But there is little time to prepare as the west coast Titans arrive ready to fight. All Hell breaks loose and heroes fight up against villains. Superboy eventually discovers where an operative cosmic treadmill exists – the Batcave!

Back in Gotham City, Robin continues to fight Batman. He discovers that his older self is now using a gun - but not just any gun. This is the same gun that murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne. Robin finally gets the upper hand against Batman and the rest of the Titans arrive to give him back-up.

At one point, Kid Flash states that when they get back to their correct time, the Titans should disband in order to prevent this future reality from ever occurring, but the older Cyborg warns him not to do that. The break-up of the Titans is what eventually leads to this current timeline.

Both Flash (Bart) and Kid Flash race upon the cosmic treadmill. All of the Teen Titans are sent back to their normal time period. But the shadow of their own future hangs over them.

Ten years after the fact, Superman (Conner) returns to Smallville to seek parental advice from his father – Lex Luthor!

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