"Titans Around the World, Part III of IV": The Teen Titans meet up with Bombshell in the South China Sea. Bombshell accuses Ravager of betraying the team, instigating the re

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Teen Titans (Volume 3) #40 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 3) with a cover date of December, 2006. It was published on November 8, 2006.

Appearing in "Titans Around the World, Part III of IV"

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Synopsis for "Titans Around the World, Part III of IV"

The Teen Titans meet up with Bombshell in the South China Sea. Bombshell accuses Ravager of betraying the team, instigating the reformed villain to leap after her. Ravager's teammates hold her back and cooler heads prevail. Kid Devil argues in Ravager's defense, and even Wonder Girl admits that it is unlikely that she would commit acts of subterfuge against the Teen Titans.

As things begin to calm down, the group resumes their search for Raven. They believe that she may have gone to Phoenix, Arizona in search of the Church of Brother Blood. The team takes the T-Jet back to the United States. They drop Ravager off at Titans Tower III, then fly off towards Phoenix.

Ravager consults with Wendy and Marvin and discovers that Raven has taken a computer disk, which was previously concealed inside of an encyclopedia. Ravager begins to suspect what Raven is actually doing.

Meanwhile, Miss Martian intercepts the Titans aboard Bombshell's Quantum Jet. As she phases inside, Bombshell ignites several incendiary devices, forcing Miss Martian to revert into her true White Martian form. It appears obvious to everyone present, that Miss Martian is a traitor and a fight ensues.

Later, Wonder Girl and Kid Devil find Raven at the Church of Brother Blood. They interrupt her in the middle of an occult ritual, and Raven momentarily mistakes Kid Devil for her father, Trigon. They quickly inform her that Miss Martian has betrayed the Titans, but Raven points out that she is innocent.

Suddenly, Bombshell appears before them and attacks. She reveals that she has defeated the remaining Titans and prepares to retrieve what Raven took from the Tower. Ravager appears and attacks Bombshell spoiling her shot. Raven withdraws a computer disk from an encyclopedia and throws it into a pit of blood, thus completing her ritual. The disk in question contains the digitized soul of Ravager's late brother, Jericho. To the shock of everyone in the chamber, a resurrected Jericho rises from the pit.


  • The cover to this issue features Jericho, Raven, Superboy and Terra – all of whom are former Titans who have betrayed the team in the past. The illustration insinuates that Miss Martian is the next character who is to betray the Titans.


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