"Deathtrap, Part III": Jericho takes the form of a woman and kidnaps a physician. He/She ties him up inside his apartment and uses metal hooks to secure his eyelids open.

Quote1 Super Zeroes! Think maybe you could save me the trouble of a swim in this vile sludge? You know, in exchange for helping you idiots? Quote2

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #70 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2009. It was published on April 29, 2009.

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Synopsis for "Deathtrap, Part III"

Jericho takes the form of a woman and kidnaps a physician. He/She ties him up inside his apartment and uses metal hooks to secure his eyelids open.

In Midtown Manhattan, the Titans are cleaning up the carnage following their last encounter with Jericho and the Vigilante when suddenly the Teen Titans' T-Wing comes barreling down out of the sky on a collision course. The pilot of the jet, Wonder Girl, has lost control of the systems. Miss Martian flies out to help clear a path.

At Titans Compound, Beast Boy keeps a steady vigil over the comatose Cyborg. His systems begin to go haywire, and the frantic Beast Boy rushes him to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Back in the city, Raven appears and uses her soul-self to teleport the T-Wing away from the city and into the East River. Once everyone is safely on the ground, the two teams meet up with one another and compare notes. They determine that Jericho is responsible for the T-Wing's malfunctions. Suddenly, Ravager appears and reveals that she had sneaked aboard the T-Wing and was hiding during the trip. Upon seeing her, Eddie Bloomberg faints. Ravager warns the Titans that Jericho is destined to be assassinated during this conflict.

Without warning, Jericho appears and possesses Raven. She/He then grabs Ravager and flies off. Ravager tries to calm Joey down and tells him that she wants to help him. She knows that his actions are dominated by the personas of evil people that he has possessed over the years. Jericho indicates that he is killing people because he truly wants to however. He abandons Raven's body and takes off.

Meanwhile, the Vigilante appears and begins fighting with the Titans and Teen Titans. Ravager returns to the fight and tells her teammates that the Vigilante is the one destined to kill Jericho. The heroes quickly subdue Vigilante who surrenders with little reservation.

The next day, Jericho takes possession of someone else. Dressed in a tuxedo, he attends a "party to die for" at the Hamilton Grande in Central Park.


  • Issue shipped on April 29th, 2009.
  • Issue includes a five page preview of The Last Days of Animal Man #1.
  • The events from this issue follow Vigilante (Volume 3) #5.
  • Normally, the Titans airship is referred to as the T-Jet. This is the first time it's ever been referred to as the T-Wing. This has become a popular naming convention for various personal aircrafts seen in comics, such as the Batwing from the 1989 Batman film and the X-Wing from Marvel Comics' X-Men fame.
  • Eddie Bloomberg's reaction to Ravager's appearance is due to the fact that he is in love with her.
  • The idea of Jericho being corrupted by the people he has possessed was revealed in Titans (Volume 2) #9.
  • Ravager's ability to predict Jericho's assassination is due to the narcotic she is seen taking in this issue as well as her recent interaction with the Clock King as seen in the Terror Titans limited series.


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