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"Rogue Targets: Part IV": After Superboy broke into the M.A.W. prison in Metropolis, trying to confront Despero, Tim, Kon-El, Cassie and Bart fin

Teen Titans (Volume 5) #12 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 5) with a cover date of December, 2015. It was published on October 21, 2015.

Synopsis for "Rogue Targets: Part IV"

After Superboy broke into the M.A.W. prison in Metropolis, trying to confront Despero, Tim, Kon-El, Cassie and Bart find themselves in a kind of dream, where their emotion change and control the environment. As they confront each other with their sensations and choices, Kon reveals his body did kill all the Durlans and that he's responsible of the massacre, but that he wasn't controlling his mind while there. After telling him they will help in every way they can, Tim tries to make them remember the best moments they lived together.

Then, suddenly, a memory of Tim's past resurfaces: inside his apartment, before the Titans were even born, he already knew the existence of all of them and was studying them in detail to assemble a team that would be equilibrate and adapt to working in his vision of a coordinated team of teenager heroes. Feeling betrayed, Tim tries to explain them he had to do this, as he could not risk to assemble a team that was going to lose against Harvest. That's when Tim realizes that it is a returning Harvest that is making them experience this particular vision, asking him what he finally wants.

Someway alive once again, Harvest tells them he just want Superboy to come back to him, his creator. Shocking everyone, especially Tim, Kon accepts the fact he's only a living weapon, saying he understood he's incapable of feeling any kind of emotion. He thought he loved Cassie, he thought he cared for his friends, but he understood that was never true: he's like a machine, and human emotions won't ever find a place in him. Even if Tim tries to make him change his mind, Superboy goes straight for the direction he's headed and Harvest once again tells Tim to surrender: they were not created out of a vision of justice, but of fear, and soon all of them will join him in his battle, a battle to overcome a desperate future.

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