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"Red Robin: Remembrance": Tim Drake is dead. The remaining Titans gather together before his funeral to remember him, telling each other their best personal moments passed with him.

Quote1.png Hey, we'll always be friends, but a team like this needs a better reason to exist. And I think we all have a different idea of what that is: teen crime-fighters, metahuman support group, etcetera... I always thought Tim was that reason. He started this, after all. Quote2.png
Beast Boy

Teen Titans (Volume 5) #24 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 5) with a cover date of November, 2016. It was published on September 14, 2016.

Synopsis for "Red Robin: Remembrance"

Tim Drake is dead. The remaining Titans gather together before his funeral to remember him, telling each other their best personal moments passed with him.

Bunker goes first: while he was playing with Beast Boy, Tim asks him to come with him, as they have to settle a matter privately. Bunker is a little afraid of the whole thing, but Tim really wanted to ask him help to chose an outfit for an High School reunion (the options for counsel were Miguel and Gar, so it's easy to see why Bunker was the choice). Passing time in a shop with him, trying on different outfits, making fun of him, being normal people together convinced Miguel even more of how much extraordinary Tim Drake was. After going out of the shop, they just found themselves in front of a parade for LGBT rights. Without even thinking, they walked together and Tim made friends with everyone, showing no embarrassment nor prejudice.

Tanya follows, talking about a talk they had while recovering tech on Manhattan's S.T.A.R. Labs facility: even without knowing each other, Tim comes out of the blue with a bad joke on neutrons. Tanya realized he wasn't just a younger version of Batman, but something completely different. She felt important when Tim told her it was cool having a friend who could talk about advanced science with, and with his example Tanya understood that she did not have to become the new Karen Starr, but that she should be Power Girl in her own way.

Raven tells everyone how Tim helped him surpass an identity crisis, after the Titans gave her the chance to escape the destiny Trigon, her own father, set for her. She could not believe that any kind of people could accept her into their hearts, being the vessel of destruction of all humanity in the plans of her father. But Tim made her understand what friendship is all about: being there for a person when she needs it, no matter why, listening and offering consolation. Drawing a parallel between her and Damian, Tim tells Raven that just like Batman felt there was good in the new Robin, he felt there was good in her, too. He believed in her better side, and this was invaluable to her.

Cassie talks about going to a grocery to build some food for everyone, and talking about their relationship. She wanted to know why he never tried to reach out to her again, after they broke up. As they were talking about their emotions to one another, a building exploded and together they went saving people. Just working with him made you feel great, he made everyone better with his approach, his knowledge, his confidence. He was a great leader. Cassie then says that only after she understood Tim never approached her again because he was dating Gotham vigilante and fellow teen hero Spoiler, thinking about how destroyed she must feel.

In the end, is Gar that wants to answer the most important question: will the Titans continue after the death of their leader? But even with the best intentions, Gar knows that there are no Titans without a Robin, and that there is no team for them without Tim Drake, because he was the reason they came together for the first time. As everyone starts a new adventure, Damian Wayne is standing, watching over the suit of his lost friend.

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