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"The Lazarus Contract, Part 2": A day before current events, Kid Flash heads from Titans Tower for a run. While running he thinks about how he wants to be more than just the fastest kid alive. He also wants to be a more trustworthy person than his [[Flash (Barry Allen)|mentor

Quote1.png Speed runs in your family, doesn't it? Your father would be proud of what you've become. Except that he's gone. Just like Grant. They were both taken from us before we had a chance to set things right. That vacancy you feel? I feel it too. You miss your father. I miss my son. That grief has...poisoned me. I am what I am because he's dead. Deathstroke is a side-effect. A consequence. Quote2.png

Teen Titans (Volume 6) #8 is an issue of the series Teen Titans (Volume 6) with a cover date of July, 2017. It was published on May 17, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Lazarus Contract, Part 2"

A day before current events, Kid Flash heads from Titans Tower for a run. While running he thinks about how he wants to be more than just the fastest kid alive. He also wants to be a more trustworthy person than his mentor, who hasn't told all the things he feels he should know, like the identity of his now deceased father. He now feels that the Teen Titans are the only ones he can trust, and how he hopes to see the future Robin envisions: the team becoming the future Justice League. As he reaches Central City, Wally dissipates his suit and walks out of any alley to find a man trying to fix an expensive car with an extremely sophisticated engine. Wally asks if help, and the one-eyed owner takes his help. As payment for fixing the engine, he lets Wally take it for a spin. As the two stop for food, Wally thinks about his father, and how he could have helped him if he had gotten his powers sooner.

Six hours ago, while the Titans are training, Raven voices concern about Kid Flash, as he promised to have lunch with her, but never showed. At the same time, Robin comes in and informs his team that, because he bugged their base, he knows the other Titans have a missing speedster as well. he also reveals that had everyone tagged without their consent. Robin uses his tracker to find Kid Flash, but the tracker indicates that Wally is in the room with them. It turns out someone planted Wally's tracker on Robin. Damian assumes his dad is responsible, but then he remembers someone else capable of such a feat, However, if he is right, Kid Flash may already be dead.

In the present, Wally is gazing at the first Wally West, asking how there can be two of them. The older Wally promises answers, but he warns him not to trust Deathstroke. Before he can say more, Slade uses the shock collar he had in place to knock out older Wally. Younger Wally demands answers, and Deathstroke unmasks himself and asks him to help him fix time. Wally recognizes him as the man from earlier and is upset that someone else he trusted betrayed him. Appealing to Wally's feelings about how he lost a family member, he releases Wally and explains himself. Slade considers Deathstroke, and every kill that came as a result, to be a consequence of Grant's death. He offers Wally the same deal he gave older Wally: help him save Grant and he will bury Deathstroke for good.

In the base of the Titans, the team is searching for any energy trail they can use to find Wally, to no avail. Tempest reports that no one they reached out to, including the Justice League, has seen Wally. Wherever, he is, they accept that his captor knows what they're doing. As Dick walks off, Lilith secretly knows that he knows who is responsible for this. At that moment, someone hacks into their network and plays a video of Deathstroke talking about a Lazarus Contract. Lilith again presses Dick for the truth, and Robin promises answers when they arrive on the roof. As the the two generations of Titans face off, Damian admonishes Dick for what was seen when he found that video. When Robin gets too close, Donna grabs him for disrespecting his predecessor. Beast Boy then tries to pry Robin out of Donna's grip, and Robin exclaims that Dick made a deal with the devil, and he is coming to collect. As things escalate, Aqualad and Lilith try to calm everyone. However, Nightwing defuses the standoff by admitting to making a deal with Deathstroke. He promises everyone he will explain, but Lilith comment about time gave him an idea on how to find their friends.

In Slade's lair, Slade offer to show Wally about his mistakes. With his suit letting him withstand Wally's speed, he has him go to his daughter's hospital room, where she is still unconscious. He then shows him Jericho, who is in a padded cell in a psych ward. He then shows him Grant's grave. They then return to his hideout, and asks Wally to help him fix his family and reverse all the damage he has done to the world and walsk off. Hoping to end Deathstroke, Wally agrees to help. However, when he catches up to Slade, he sees something that shocks him. Slade mentions that like with his car, Wally has already helped him jump-start his engine.

Meanwhile the two groups of Titans have tracked their friends down. Using data they were able to gather about clocks that are moving at varying rates, they were able to pinpoint the location of Slade's lair and are prepared to move in. Nightwing advises caution, but Robin charges in and everyone follows. Once inside, Beast Boy makes a quip, and Arsenal reminds him to be serious. Raven senses that bad things have happened in this place, and Omen senses that Raven is more concerned about Wally, who she considers more than just a friend. Tempest asks Jackson if he is Atlantean, but he doesn't know, and joined the Titans to help find out. Starfire wants to charge in with Donna and she agrees with her. Robins chews Nightwing out again for making a deal with an irredeemable villain, and Dick retorts that the Batman family gambled on him being redeemable. They then find the older Wally and manage to wake him up. Wally tries to warn them about Slade, but Dick tells him to slow down. However, when he tries to explain, a burst of lightning decks everyone. Slade then appears, his Ikon suit and broadsword charged with the Speed Force, and he declares that he now has all the time in the world.

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