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Teether was boy in the care of the Teen Titans.

When the Brotherhood of Evil threatened every hero on the planet, Raven of the Teen Titans was given the task to transport three children to a nearby safehouse by train.

On the way, they were attacked by Mallah who tried to take the children.

Raven, Teether, Timmy, Melvin, and Bobby arrived at the safehouse the next day, only for it to be invaded by Mallah soon after. Raven rescued the children and the kid-heroes remained at the safehouse as their permanent residence.

When the Brotherhood began their purge of heroes, Raven immediately went after Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and Bobby.

Raven took the children with her when the rest of the Titans returned fire at the Brotherhood of Evil's base in France. Raven allowed the children to join the attack, but only if they stayed away from anybody older than them.

After the heroes were victorious, the children most likely returned to their original home.


  • Fiery Spitballs: Teether has the ability to nibble off pieces of material and spit out fiery balls at his opponents.
  • Superhuman Digestion: Teether will nibble on and eat any material he can get his hands on.
  • Superhuman Strength: When captured by Mallah, Teether displayed his power by biting through solid metal.



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