Tel Vole, alias Gravity Kid enrolled in the latest class at the Legion Academy, alongside Chemical Kid, Dragonwing, Variable Lad, and returning student Comet Queen. He is a metahuman with the power to manipulate gravity much the same way as Star Boy and Light Lass.

Gravity Kid was one of the more serious students about becoming a Legionnaire, often staying at the Academy while his classmates broke curfew. Those studious habits led to his sometimes resenting his more reckless classmates, as Gravity Kid was more the kind of student who woke up early before class to work out or do personal training exercises. Gravity Kid was in a relationship with senior Academy student Power Boy.

When Power Boy graduated, he was assigned as a Science Police officer on Takron-Galtos. Their forthcoming separation didn't sit well with Tel, who lashed out during training. Upon the death of Variable Lad, Gravity Kid realized that life was too short not to live to the fullest. He left the Legion Academy to join his boyfriend on Takron-Galtos.


  • Gravity Manipulation: Gravity Kid possesses the ability to mentally manipulate gravitons, enabling him to control gravity. He can surround any object or person, including himself, with gravitons, thus increasing or decreasing the pull of gravity upon it.
    • Flight: By decreasing the pull of gravity beneath him, he can fly at any speed or height at which he can still breathe. However, by using his force field generation he can also breathe in space.
    • Movement Impairment and Graviton Attraction: By increasing the pull of gravity beneath his opponents, he can pin them to the ground, making them too heavy to move, or cause sufficient gravitational stress to impair the normal functioning of the human cardiovascular system. He can also cause an inanimate object to radiate enough gravitons to give it its own gravitational field, able to attract nearby matter and energy.
    • Graviton Blast: By rapidly projecting gravitons in a cohesive beam, he can generate a force blast with a maximum concussive force equivalent to the primary shock wave of an explosion.
    • Force Field



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