Temblor was a Gotham thug for hire who destroyed various companies involved with ecological research and/or pollution.

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After the third building, Neugog Chemicals, was destroyed, his anonymous employer was revealed to be the teenaged eco terrorist, Pamela Isley, who had no intentions of paying him properly. After Batman foiled the destruction of Clorogene's main office, Temblor pointed out to there was a problem with the payment arrangements. Upon meeting up with his employer, Temblor opted to kill Isley for her lack of payments. Being chased through the Clorogene lab, Pamela was left crushed under some debris by Temblor's attack. In the ensuing fight, Batman destroyed Temblor's gloves, and Pamela was doused with various chemical agents, which would contribute to her transformation into Poison Ivy.



Vibro-Gauntlets: Temblor uses specifically designed armored gauntlets that can generate shock-waves and earthquakes of various intensities, controlled by the dials on top of them.

  • Temblor is the Spanish term for an earthquake.



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