Alien Physiology


This template is essentially a quick way to both add a link to Category:Alien Physiology (where the power is described) and also include the article in the category. Further details on the applications of this power should be included on the Character's page.

Please note that this should not be added by itself, it is intended to be followed by a list of powers common to the alien species. Some examples of when this should not be used:

  • The alien species looks human and lacks innate powers.
  • As above but while humanoid, the alien species is noticeably not human. The differences should be noted under the physical traits fields.
  • As above but the alien species is non-humanoid.
  • The alien species has powers, but only under specific circumstances. This is a case-by-case situation. If the character has been in that situation, this template and the relevant powers should be added. If the character has not been shown in that situation, the templates should not be added.

In all cases, remember that the species specific category can be added with the AlienRace field in the character template.


{{Alien Physiology|type}}

An override type can be added if if the specific type of alien physiology is known for the character. This will also add the character to the appropriate alien race category if it exists.

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