This is an example of this template in action

This is an example of this template in action
This template allows placement of photos in a relatively pleasing way on a page without having to worry about ugly "added by dslfjlsdf text".

The template uses four potential variables.

  1. The name of the file, with the file-extension included, e.g. Batman Vol 2 10.jpg
  2. The caption for the image.
  3. The width of the image (in "px"). This defaults to 150px if not filled out.
  4. The alignment of the image (left or right) on the page. This defaults to left if not filled out.

The template, when filled out completely will look like this in code:

{{ Image | Filename.jpg | Caption | 000px | Alignment }}

There are some caveats for the use of these variables.

  • There must be a caption in order to use (3) and (4).
  • (1) will work whether there is a caption or not, using the defaults for (3) and (4).
  • (3) and (4) can be interchangeable, but only if (2) is defined. The caption must be the second variable.
  • When aligned to the left, bullet points will "invade" the border (for reasons I can't fathom), and make things look stupid. So, avoid this template near bullet points, unless aligning to the right. To see an example, try moving the working example at the top of this page around.
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