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Quote1.png Bodies perish bodies perish in the end in the end... But I'm a mind a mind. I last forever forever. Quote2.png
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Modular Man was an enemy of Tom Strong.

Temple Baldry was a dying scientist who invented a creative way of avoiding death. Baldry created "modules", tiny multi-armed robots that shared one "mind". After downloading his mind into the modules, Temple became the Modular Man, and began converting metal mass into more modules which were each identical to the previous. Temple continued this process exponentially, if any were to be destroyed another would take it's place. After attempting to takeover Millennium City, Modular Man was stopped by Tom Strong and his family including Dhalua Strong, Tesla Strong, Solomon and Pneuman. In order to free the city from his modulating grasp, Tom gave Temple his Hypersaucer and ordered it to venture to venus to offer Temple a world of his own.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Temple Baldry was a scientist who was dying from an incurable disease. He tried various methods of curing himself through his own intellect but ultimately failed. At wit's end, Temple decided to create his "modules" and download his consciousness into them in order to escape his fate.
  • Electrical Engineering: Temple Baldry used his "modules" to replicate as well as convert solid metal matter into more modules in order to continue his life span. If any one module is destroyed another can be replaced with it's destroyed parts.
  • Robotic Engineering



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