Tempus belongs to the Fuginauts, a race of cosmic beings tasked with preventing intrusions from other Universes, and especially from the Dark Multiverse into the normal one.

Tempus was tasked with the protection of the Prime Earth's universal boundaries, fighting off creatures from the Dark called the Inverses. After the invasion of the main Earth by Barbatos and his Knights, he decided to kill the would-be dimension-hopping hero Sideways.

However, Tempus proved that he was more than a drone when he decided to enlist and train Derek in the use of his new powers. Samewise, he spared residents from the Dark Multiverse who crossed into Prime Earth when they revealed that they were friends of Sideways. He however admitted that he would have to convince the Order of Fuginauts to ensure their safety.




  • Fuginaut's Scepter: This scepter has the ability to nullify rifting powers in its vicinity; the range of the effect seems to extend to several hundred meters around the scepter. Tempus also uses the Scepter as a weapon whe fighting opponents, discharging powerful blast of energies through it.



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