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The Ten of Spades is one of the core members of the Royal Flush Gang. In the many incarnations of the gang, several people have used the alias of Ten. The first was Tom Dillon, the original Ten of Clubs, who changed to Spades when their leadership changed. He was briefly replaced by Mike Bailey. Bailey retired after his first job, and Dillon was killed in battle against the Justice League Detroit. The third Ten, former test pilot Wanda Wayland, has been the most successful to wear the title to date. Since the expansion of the Royal Flush Gang, several other people have taken up the Ten card, though Wanda still operates under the alias herself. She has occasionally had help from her own gang, Ten's Little Indians.

Tom Dillon first appeared in Justice League of America #43 (March 1968), and became Ten of Spades in The Joker #5 (February 1976). Michael Bailey first appeared in Wonder Woman #252 (June 1979) and become Ten four issues later. Wanda Wayland was introduced in Justice League of America #203 (June 1982).

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