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Tengu was a disciple of the Bat-Ninja.

Tengu is the second son of the Lord Hideyoshi who was brought to the Manor of the Bat-Ninja to be trained as a successor to its owner, and to protect the Toyotomi clan after him. One day, Bat Ninja and Tengu are attacked by Ninja who bear the sign of the venom-rose. After the attackers are slain, Bat-Ninja sends Tengu to fish in the nearby river, but Tengu knows that he is being sent away so tat he does not witness his murder. When Tengu returns, he finds the Bat-Ninja dying on the floor of their manor. He instructs Tengu to take a message hidden in his family's sword to their lord Hideyori. Tengu cremates the fallen Bat, and then burns their manor so that their enemies do not discover their secrets, and with that he starts the journey to Osaka Castle. Along the way, Tengu encounters a Cat-Ninja whom he learns is also an enemy of the Venom-Rose, and she leaves him with the cryptic words "You will know me by my eyes". Tengu continues on the road, but is ambushed by venom-rose Ninja. He narrowly escapes, and arrives at Osaka Castle only to find that it is under siege. Tengu scales the wall and enters the Lord Hideyori's chambers. Tengu explains the situation to Hideyori, and is made to stay there until Hideyori is less busy. While Tengu waits he is attacked again by venom-rose ninja, which forces him outside to fight them and the attacking army. he is aided in his plight by the Cat-Ninja, who eventually forces him back inside to deliver his message. Hideyori becomes viciously angry with Tengu, and reveals that they are brothers, and that he fears that Tengu has come to usurp his throne, and that is why he sent the venom rose after him. Hideyori then tries to kill Tengu himself, but Tengu being more skilled at swordplay kills Hideyori, causing Tengu to break his promise to his master (that he would not avenge him), and that he had not protected his Lord from his greatest threat (himself). In realization of this, tengu commits Seppuku.