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Terra is a super-hero with the power of geo-kinesis. Born the illegitimate daughter to King Viktor of Markovia, her half-brother is Geo-Force. Unable to stay at home, she became a mercenary and began working with Deathstroke. He used her to infiltrate the Teen Titans, where she developed a relationship with Beast Boy, and ultimately died betraying them. There was a second Terra in the Team Titans timeline, created using Tara Markov's DNA. She joined the regular Titans, but was killed by Black Adam during World War III. There is a third hero named Atlee from Strata who has taken this name, fighting alongside Power Girl. In the New 52 reboot, Terra is a member of the Ravagers. Terra was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, first appearing in New Teen Titans #26. (1982)


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