Terra-X was originally a member of the X-Patrol who had joined the team after the fight against Doctor Doomsday, but soon betrayed them to X-Stroke the Eliminator. She even delivered Ferro Man to X-Stroke himself, but the X-Patrol broke free of X-Stroke. Shatterstarfire, who was not present at this mission, noticed Terra-X escaping, and followed her to Zenosha, only to be attacked by the Brood.

Terra-X was later ressurected by Brother Brood, completely under the control of the Brood and loyal to its cult. Although sent to attack the X-Patrol as a whole, her main target was Beastling, her former love-interest.

She mocked Jericho, calling him "her replacement", and was about to kill him when Elasti-Girl flew into her ear-canal and put Terra-X out of action.


  • Terrax and Terra were combined in a Marvel versus DC crossover



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