"The Weighing of the Heart": Making their way towards the Pyramid, they notice apparently hypnotized Aboriginals heading for an entrance at the base. Ms Masque, Scarab, and Carol follow them, while Tom and Liberator head up.

Terra Obscura #6 is an issue of the series Terra Obscura (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2004. It was published on December 26, 2003.

Synopsis for "The Weighing of the Heart"

Making their way towards the Pyramid, they notice apparently hypnotized Aboriginals heading for an entrance at the base. Ms Masque, Scarab, and Carol follow them, while Tom and Liberator head up.

Scarab notes that someone claimed to ahve found an Egyptian pyramid here a hundred years earlier, but it was dismissed as a hoax, as they did with tribal legends of an underground city in the same spot. They reach the inside and see Aztec and Myan-like structures inside the pyramid, and a shaft of light rising up from the centre.

Tom's team gets inside as well, the Ghost departing to fight the battle on another level. Liberator notes that they haven't seen any guards or servants or anything living. Rounding a corner they find Mystico, who immediately renders them powerless - the Alosun in Tom's veins turned to poison, the Lamesis in Nelson's as well, and turning John Lone Eagle into a "drooling catatonic".

Mystico notes "Did you really think potions and primitive magic would succeed against me after science had failed you?" "No," Tom replies, "but it was worth a try."

Carol's team discovers Lance Lewis' heart floating inside a mystic energy field.

Tom appeals to Mystico's old comradeship, and Mystico reveals his true identity - that of Smenkhkare, brother of Tutankhamun. He is also the physical manifestation of the god, Set. The Green Ghost discovers this as well on the astral plane. Set claims that this is his world now, the pyramid being the first step on the path to subjugating the entire planet.

After Mystico awoke after the thirty years suspended animation, he awoke to a world that

"made even a god of chaos desire order. There was a sickness in the land, in the soul, in the eyes. They were drowning in data, but almost bereft of knowledge. And of wisdom, they knew nothing. They were ripe for conquest. They would willingly have given themselves over to a machine with megalomania [The Terror]. Better they should be ruled by me, don't you think? A few generations without machines should cure them, and the survivors will be hardier. How, the question is: Do you want to be among them? It's a very simple choice: join me or die."

He had acquired his unlimited power quite easily - by killing a time traveller (Lance Lewis). The resultant paradox of Lewis dying before his birth released the kind of energy Mystico needed.

Carol, Ms Masque, and Scarab find that his magic ring is unable to get at Lewis' heart, but the field reacted badly to the probing. Ms Masque realizes that not using magic means it's up to her - Scarab and Carol throw her up at the heart, and she grabs it. Tom and the Liberator gets their powers back and keep the weakened Mystico on the ropes while Scarab calls upon the gods of Egypt for help. They appear and judge Lewis' spirit to be true and free it to go where it pleases. Lewis appears with Bruce Carter and asks him to tell Grant that he did good.

The battle continues on both the physical realm and the astral plane - Scarab asks the gods for help in defeating Mystico/Set - they do so by bonding the god Thoth to the Scarab, essentially placing Set in check. Power is restored to the world.

A treaty was negotiated - the Terror's activities would be restricted to Invertica and Set agreed to limit his influence to what is now called "New Egypt" -- the Grand Canyon and about fifty square miles around it. Thoth set up a base on the other side of the Canyon, acting as a balance for Set's power. John Lone Eagle's people agree to secede from the United States. After the tens of thousands of deaths resulting from the panic of the power losses, the US government reluctantly agreed to it.

Diana says her goodbyes to Tim, and The Terror reminds him that "I'm still here, Tim. I'll always be here for you. And we'll show them, won't we? We'll show them all. Now, let's start working on my 2004 upgrade, shall we?"

A public funeral is held for Lance Lewis, the American Eagle and Eaglet, and the Grim Reaper (better for the public to think of him as a hero). Carol suggests that SMASH reform permanently. Archie gets help for his alcoholism, Carol and Diana move in together, and it looks like Science Heroes are back in style again.

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