Terrance Kelly was a covert Nightwing operative and one of the first astronauts that participated in the Jupiter Mission.

Engaged in tests designed to detect the presence of extraterrestrial life, he extracted radioactive fragments from one of Jupiter's moons on board. These fragments seemingly affected his younger daughter, Lia, to developed light-based powers. After returning to Earth, Kelly attempted to use his daughter as a potential asset for Nightwing's cause but proved difficult to control her and especially when she quickly gain public celebrity status, most partly influenced by Kelly's ex-wife, Celeste Nelson, as The Flash. Kelly was reprimanded by his organization and given the impossible task of capturing his daughter. Though his attempts had been largely unsuccessful mostly due to his own incompetence.

  • Kelly Terrence was modeled after "some of fiction's most infamously weaselly and incompetent characters" such as Dick Dastardly and Inspector Clouseau.[1]
  • Terrence is named after the word "Terra" as a companion naming device to his ex-wife's, Celeste's, name "celestial."[1]



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