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Terry Berg was Kyle Rayner's assistant when he was a cartoonist for Feast magazine.

A paid intern at Feast magazine, Terry Berg is employed as Kyle Rayner's art assistant, fulfilling a number of tasks aimed at making sure Kyle's popular "City Dwellers" cartoon strip is completed on time for each month's publication. A native New Yorker, Terry enjoys his job mainly because it affords him time away from home and high school, neither of which has been particularly tolerant of the openly gay teenager. Since coming out to his emotionally unreceptive parents, Terry has spent more time with Kyle, one of few close friends comfortable with Terry's homosexuality. But while Kyle has embraced and encouraged Terry's revelation, the seventeen-year-old (initially sixteen) intern remained oblivious to the fact that his boss and confidant harbors a secret life of his own as Green Lantern.[5]


  • Terry has a boyfriend named David[7], but before he had a crush on Kyle Rayner.[4]