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Terry McGinnis continued on his delinquent streak until he met his Earth 12 counterpart. Changed by the experience, he decided to turn his life around and become the next Batman.

Terry McGinnis became estranged by his family and joined with the Jokerz. Unfortunately, he wasn't popular with them either as he was often late with his tributes. Down on his luck, he promised triple credits as appeasement, but had to put his plan on hold when another Terry McGinnis approached him needing help.[1] The other Terry explained he was from another world and operated as "Batman." He hoped to find the Batman of T's world, but T informed him of his death.[2]

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Terry McGinnis and Terry McGinnis

Despite his protests, Batman took his doppelgänger to the rundown Wayne Manor. They were ambushed by the Jokerz and retreated into the Batcave, where the other Terry donned a hidden Batsuit.[3] With his new suit, Batman was able to overpower the clowns, but they swore revenge on Terry. His counterpart was disappointed T had joined with the Jokerz, but their argument was cut short by the arrival of Superman.[4]

While Batman was able to briefly keep Superman at bay, the pair were ultimately captured by him and his task force. Superman then seemingly murdered Batman.[5] As T was taken away, the officers informed him he would likely to lobotomized. Shockingly, Batman revealed he had faked his death and came to recuse Terry. He knocked out all the responding agents except Dick Grayson, who he turned to their side by revealing Lord Batman's Synthetic Kryptonite.[6]

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As Batman

Grayson took them back to his loft where they came up with a plan to get Batman back to Earth 12, which the Lords planned to invade. Not having faith in their plan to break into the Justice Lords Watchtower, T took off and hoped to remain under the radar. He quickly had a change of heart and raced to the watchtower where Batman and Grayson had been compromised. T saved them, allowing Grayson activated the Lords' interdimensional teleporter and Batman went home.[7] Batman ended up being successful, with him and his allies defeating Lord Superman. In the aftermath, T was taken under Dick Grayson's wing, training to become the next Batman.[8]

T would continue to team-up with his counterpart, occasionally going on patrols together.[9] One night, Terry didn't show up for their planned meeting. Worried, T went home to find his father waiting for him, believing he had blown him off. He decided to tell Warren the truth about the other Terry, and to his surprise, wanted to see both his sons again. Dick opened a portal to Earth 12, finding that portal generator destroyed. After informing Terry of what happened, his doppelgänger tearfully decided to say his last goodbye to T.[10]






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