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Quote1 Yeah, that's always been my problem, Swirly... I've never really known when to quit. Quote2
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Terry McGinnis was Bruce Wayne's successor as Batman in a possible future.

Hush Beyond

Tensions were rising between Terry and Bruce when they started investigating a serial killer nicknamed by the media as Hush. He used the M.O. of Batman Villains to murder other member of their rogues' gallery and their families. During this time, Batman also encountered a new Catwoman, who easily evaded capture numerous times. Bruce had Terry check up on the Calendar Man, whom Hush had coincidently chosen as his next target.[1] Before killing him; however, Hush revealed to Terry he had extensive knowledge on Batman and his allies as well as his villains. Returning to the Batcave, Terry stumbled upon the Bat-Wraiths. He realized Bruce didn't see him as a worthy successor and Terry lashed out by continuing the investigation by himself.[2] He was confronted by Hush and was almost killed in the confrontation.[3] Luckily, he was found by Catwoman and Bruce was able to walk her through closing his wounds. Terry returned to the Batcave and he and his mentor made up and Bruce continued his medical care. Suddenly, Hush sent them a message to gloat about his plan to destroy Neo-Gotham.[4] Batman teamed-up with Dick Grayson, Hush's genetic template, and Catwoman and the three were able to stop his plans. The clone seemingly died in an explosion, but Terry wasn't convinced he was gone for good.[5]







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