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Terrence Reynolds is the principal of Smallville High School.

Terrence Reynolds was the principal of Excelsior Academy and was on the path of a promising career. This path was interrupted by an incident involving student Lex Luthor. Lex would have been in danger of being expelled, but Lionel Luthor stepped in. Lionel pulled some strings so that Lex could remain at the school, while Reynolds was fired.[1]

Several years later, Reynolds assumed the position of principal of Smallville High School. This position reunited Reynolds with Lex Luthor. Reynolds also came across a sophomore student named Clark Kent, who was a friend of Lex, and whom Reynolds felt was a slacker. Because of this, Reynolds assigned Clark an essay about where he saw himself in five years. Not long after that, Clark saved Reynolds from another student, Chrissy Parker, who attempted to suck the lifeforce out of Reynolds.[1]

Three years later, Reynolds oversaw the graduation of Clark, Chloe Sullivan, and the rest of the class of 2005.[2]


  • Terrence Reynolds was portrayed by Richard Gant in season 2 and by Tom Pickett in season 4.