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Terry Sloan was a member of the Wonders of the World and later the World Army.

A government research scientist before his planet was attacked by Steppenwolf, Sloan found himself on the front lines of the war, using the identity "Mister 08", the Eighth Wonder of the World. However, while researching avenues of counter-attack, he received visions of the future. Acting to prevent these visions during his final mission, he blew up an alien device, destroying four nations.

Going AWOL, nothing is known of his actions from then on, except that he was apparently preparing for the onset of a new age of wonders. When Mister Terrific, a superhero from another world, landed in Manhattan, Sloan was there to kidnap him to prevent his vision from coming through.

During the attack on Washington D.C. by Grundy, he was seen at the central command center of the World Army apparently hired by the World Council as an adviser. Terry Sloan advised that 3 nuclear warheads be dropped on Washington in the hope of destroying Grundy. Despite objections from Commander Kahn the nuclear devices were deployed. Although the nuclear warheads were later thrown into outer space by Green Lantern, the destructive nature of Sloan has put him at odds with Commander Kahn.

Later, he is seen taking the robotic body of the Red Tornado to the Wonders Initiative Facility in Portland to make it work.

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  • Genius Level Intellect: Claims to be the smartest man on Earth 2. His claim is most likely true as he was able to outsmart and subdue Mr. Terrific just moments after he arrived on Earth 2 by taking control of his T-Spheres and turning them against Holt. Furthermore he was able to finish the construction of Red Tornado when even the whole of World Army's top scientists could not.
    • Gadgetry: Sloan creates and deploys equipment of his own design. His most used gadget is a pair of gloves that release a cloud of nanites capable of taking over technology, the nanites were even capable of taking over the T-Spheres. His other technological achievements are the MR-08 battlesuit capable of sustained flight and numerous other energy weapons.


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