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Doctor Thirteen was the leader of H.I.V.E. and the father of Traci Thirteen.

His wife and sons were killed when Aquaman sank Europe, only escaping because his daughter teleported him to safety. Ever since then, he blamed himself for not being smart enough to find a way to save the rest of his family, his daughter blaming herself.

Doctor Thirteen founded H.I.V.E. as a means of secretly plotting how to save the world. With the group majority's approval, Doctor Thirteen planned to shoot a laser from space to annihilate the Amazons and Atlanteans but he was stopped by his daughter who discovered his plans. Though he was able to subdue her, she escaped using teleportation.

When Traci returned, Terrence was prepared, using black magic to stop her from interfering. However, after Traci chained herself to the battlefield as an act of protest, the father and daughter talked, overcoming the barriers in their relationship and making Terrence come to his senses and stop the laser.





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