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The Terrible Trio were three criminal masterminds known to plague the heroes, Batman and Robin, with their strange inventions.


Adorned in masks bearing the visage of a fox, a shark and a vulture, the Terrible Trio often engaged upon schemes that corresponded to their chosen totem characteristics. For example, the Vulture preferred committing crimes as it relates to flight, while the Shark was usually found plotting crimes involving the sea.

Batman and Robin successfully apprehended them after their initial series of schemes,[1] but soon after, the Trio escaped from prison and resumed their criminal careers. They attempted to develop a smuggling ring within Gotham City's underworld, but Batman and Robin fought them a second time and arrested them once again.[2]

The Terrible Trio remained in hiding for a long time after their second confrontation with the Dynamic Duo, but they resurfaced in recent years in Portsmouth City. Pieter Cross, the inheritor to the mantle of Doctor Mid-Nite stopped the Terrible Trio from wreaking havoc in his adopted city.[citation needed]

The Terrible Trio II were a young group of thugs who took on the identities of Batman's old foes. Batman soon realized that one of the members was Lucius Fox's son, Timothy Fox (the Vulture). He and two other friends co-opted the identities of the original trio and tried to rob guests of Bruce Wayne's penthouse, but they were subdued and captured by Batman.[3]

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