After being exposed to high levels of radiation during a particle fusion experiment, Doctors Stuart Lowe, Mary Michaels and Michael Morgan were each imbued with different super powers. Lowe could stretch to amazing lengths, becoming known as the 2-D Man. Michaels developed the power of flight and the ability to shoot ice blasts, calling herself Freon. Dr. Morgan underwent the most monstrous transformation, turning into what appeared to be a molten rock monster, becoming Magma.

The government financed and established their base of operation — the Trio Tower. The Terrific Trio established to fight the crime in Gotham City, although higher ups of the United States Army did not trust them at all.

The Terrific Trio were not only popular among the crime-fighting community, but the general public adored them and couldn't get enough Terrific Trio merchandise such as T-shirts, toys, and posters. Despite the Trio's popularity, there were several people in Gotham who were suspicious of the team, including General Norman and Bruce Wayne (DCAU)

The Trio's future started to unravel when their best friend, Dr. Hodges, ascertained that their genetic condition was unstable. Hodges informed General Norman of this, who relished the opportunity to assault Trio Tower in an attempt to eliminate the Trio. Magma had become impatient with his condition and was anxious to find a cure, but Dr. Hodges wouldn't accept his help. So, Magma broke into Hodges' laboratory and stole the Trio's latest DNA scan. Moments after learning about their condition, the Trio was attacked by the military. The Trio fought their way out of the Tower, evading death.

The Trio went on to review the data on the particle fusion experiment, and discovered that Dr. Hodges knew about its danger. Confronted, Hodges didn't admit his guilt, but the Trio remained unconvinced. So, they decided to duplicate the accident to finish what Hodges had started. At that point, Hodges finally confessed orchestrating the accident in a foolish attempt to kill Michael and seduce Mary for himself, and begged them to shut down the device, claiming that the radiation would devastate the entire city. However, at that point, the Trio were emotionally destroyed from Hodges' betrayal and the military, law enforcement and public turning against them. As a result, the Trio no longer cared about public safety or the consequences of their actions. Batman stepped in and activated the emergency ventilation system, trapping Freon and 2-D Man inside it. He then turned a fire hose on Magma, solidifying him.

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