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The Terror Titans are a team of enforcers for the Dark Side Club, recruiting and kidnapping new fighters for its pits.


The Terror Titans make their first strike as Kid Devil throws an impromptu party at Titans Tower. Dreadbolt, in his civilian identity, plants several surveillance/teleportation/jamming devices around the tower, and later lures Kid Devil into an ambush. Kid Devil is defeated and captured by the Terror Titans.[1] Copperhead, Persuader and Disruptor then infiltrate the tower and attack Ravager. During the battle, a gas line is ruptured, destroying a portion of the tower.[2] Disruptor is then sent to capture Miss Martian, who is thrown into a ring with Kid Devil, whom Clock King had been conditioning into a bestial savage, to be sold to "The Dark Side Club".[3] Clock King attempts to close the deal with "Boss Dark Side", but is refused on the grounds that he promised all the Titans. The Terror Titans return to base, and Ravager, who survived the explosion, follows them. Back at the Tower, Robin triggers a message in one of Clock King devices. The message tells him to bring all the remaining Titans to an abandoned church. Meanwhile, Eddie and M'gann have been imprisoned within a cell. M'gann discover that Fever has also been captured, and Eddie is brought to the ring to fight Hardrock. When the rest of the Titans arrive at the church, Dreadbolt and Disruptor teleport Wonder Girl and Blue Beetle into the clutches of their teammates. Robin takes on Clock King, only to discover that his foe has the precognitive ability to see 4.6692 seconds into the future. Able to predict the Boy Wonder's every move, Clock King soundly defeats Robin, and prepares to stab him with a knife.[4] Within the Dark Side Club's arena, Eddie, with help from Megan's telepathy, manages to regain his rational mind, and the two escape. As Wonder Girl is being badly beaten by Disruptor and Persuader, Rose saves her, and Blue Beetle, having defeated Dreadbolt and Copperhead, joins them in helping Robin. Ravager attacks Clock King, only to find that her precognitive abilities are in perfect synch with his. Clock King offers her a chance to join him, but she turns him down. As the Titans prepare to attack as one Clock King removes them from his base, and begins planning anew.[5]

The Terror Titans were next seen when they were collecting "contestants" for the Dark Side Club. The Clock King, through careful planning, managed to wrest control of the Club from the human hosts of the evil gods. Eventually gaining mastery of the contestants through brainwashing and drugging, he assembled them as an army and sent them to ravage Los Angeles, calling them "The Martyr Militia". He also puts the Terror Titans through a series of events that will turn them into ruthless soldiers by having them train with Ravager. He also has Dreadbolt kill his own father and take his name, temporarily reunites Persuader with her own father before murdering him to toughen Persuader and then has Cooperhead look after an injured fighter, TNTeena with Copperhead earning her trust before Clock King forces Copperhead to kill her with this being his way of turning them into fighters.

Clock King then assembles the Martyr Milita and has them begin attacking Los Angeles, simply for his own amusement. Ravager, disgusted turns against the Terror Titans, effectively abandoning them for good and with the help of Miss Martian who had been working undercover by posing as the Star-Spangled Kid frees the brainwashed metahumans who promptly turn on the Terror Titans, forcing the group to retreat.

Reuniting with Clock King, they learn he is not happy with the development and that he is also angry at Disruptor for constantly attempting to kill Ravager even though he gave Disruptor orders not to do so. He then betrays the team by murdering Disruptor via the use of her suit which incinerates her, killing her and then abandons the three surviving members, leaving them at the mercy of the metahumans.

Ravager confronts Clock King and manages to defeat him but can't stop him from escaping. Two weeks, the three Terror Titans all escape from custody and set out with a new goal in mind: to get revenge on Clock King.

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