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Quote1 I was a slave until I died. Then I was reborn a god. My son sacrificed his life to save me. I kneel before no one. Quote2
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Black Adam (real name Teth-Adam) is the bitter and powerful Kahndaqi champion of magic who fights for justice using lethal force. After being freed from millennia of imprisonment, he became an enemy, and later uneasy ally of the Justice Society and Superman.


Born around 2600 BCE in Kahndaq, Teth-Adam grew up as a slave under the reign of King Ahk-Ton. He married a woman named Shiruta, and the two had a son named Hurut. All three were slaves for the majority of their lives, and worked in the mines digging for Eternium, a rare metal that could be used to forge the mystical Crown of Sabbac for the king. When the rebellious Hurut stole some Eternium he found, he was captured by the king's forces and taken for execution. However, he was saved by the Council of Wizards, who granted him the ability to become a powerful, muscular adult with electrokinesis by shouting the word "SHAZAM", and he was transformed into Kahndaq's champion of magic.

Unfortunately, the king's forces then went after Shiruta and Teth-Adam, and tried to kill them. They succeeded with Shiruta, but Hurut transferred his power to his father, saving his life and imbuing him with his magical powers. Hurut was then killed by the king's forces, and out of vengeance, Teth-Adam went to the king and destroyed his palace, killing him and everyone inside. This prompted the Council to imprison Teth-Adam in the magical Rock of Eternity for thousands of years, which Adam came to accept as a fitting punishment. Over the years of his imprisonment, his rage and hatred calmed down into a remorseful regret, but he never lost his willingness to take lives for what he felt was right.[1]

Legend of the Champion

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