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Quote1.png Damn the consequences, old man! I'll do anything to save the universe... to save my child. Quote2.png
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Black Adam was an ageless ruler with the power of the Egyptian pantheon. After hundreds of lifetimes spent as an aggressive warrior, he lived for thousands more as a humble, powerless ambassador, before being forced into battle once more against The Unkindness.

Adam lived to the 853rd Century, eventually retiring on the planet Kahndaq. Although Kahndaq was officially sealed off from the universe, Adam secretly maintained a romantic relationship with Wonder Woman and gave her the codes to bypass the planet's security.

One day the Unkindness returned to the material universe, and the Justice Legion were powerless to stop her. As Adam was the only person who had been alive the Unkindness first attacked, the Legion suspected he may know a way to stop her and went to Kahndaq to seek his help. The Unkindness breached the planet's security and Adam was initially tempted to allow the Unkindness to kill him and end his millennia long existence, but decided to fight when Wonder Woman revealed she was miraculously pregnant with his child.

They were saved by the arrival of Gold Beetle.[1] Beetle possessed Khaji Da, the ancient power source of the Blue Beetles and the last magical artefact in the galaxy. Adam was able to activate it and use it to escape to the Tower of Fate where the last remaining magic users in the Multiverse, including the Wizard Shazam, had taken refuge.

Adam's long time ally Resurrection Man betrayed them and allowed the Unkindness to attack the Tower. In the resulting slaughter, the Wizard offered Adam a spell that would allow him to save the Multiverse. He used it immediately but found to his shock that it transported him back to the year 2021, before the hero known as Raven became the Unkindness.[2]

Reunited with Billy Batson

Adam was transported back to his old cell on the Rock of Eternity, transformed into a teenager. The impact of his landing knocked the Rock out of it's position at the center of the Multiverse and into Hell, disrupting the Shazam Family's access to their powers.

The crash freed the ancient evils imprisoned in the Rock, and Adam spent the next few months capturing and re-imprisoning them, until his old acquaintance Billy Batson arrived in Hell seeking the Rock.[3]

On Earth, Dane began to transform into Nevermore and fulfil his destiny of ending the world.[4] To prevent the Four Riders being unleashed and the rise of the Unkindness, Billy and Adam moved the Rock to Earth. Dane became a permanent "guest" in the Rock with Billy and Adam guarding it, averting Adam's future.

Red X fought the Titans to protect Dane from them as he was transforming, believing they were planning to kill him. During the fight he called down a gigantic bolt of lightning which Adam and Billy harmlessly channeled into the Rock, restoring the Shazam Family's powers.[5]





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