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Quote1 Kahndaq no longer has a ruler. She has a protector, once again. Quote2
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Black Adam was an ancient Egyptian slave who received the powers of the Wizard Shazam. However, he was imprisoned for millennia by the Wizard after he misused his powers. He was eventually freed in the modern day where he went on to battle the Wizard's new champion Billy Batson many times.

Ancient History

Enslaved in Egypt

Teth-Adam was born in Egypt in the 26th Century BCE, along the banks of the Nile as part of the Kahndaqi tribe. His father, greatly in debt, died when the Nile flooded. As Teth was a child and too young to assume his father's responsibilities, he and his family were instead enslaved by Ibac. During his time as a slave, Teth was extensively tortured, with even worse suffering being visited upon his mother. Almost the entirety of his family was killed by the slavers — all except his nephew Aman, whom Adam eventually managed to help escape from imprisonment, being mortally wounded by guards in order to buy him time.[4]

Aman, however, refused to abandon his dying uncle, and rescued him. Together, while escaping the underground prisons, they found themselves magically transported into the Rock of Eternity, where they were greeted by Shazam. The wizard, deeming Aman pure, offered him the role of his champion, giving him the task of defeating the slaver Ibac — which Aman accepted on the condition that Shazam healed Adam. Explaining that the gift bestowed upon him could be shared with his family, Shazam gave Aman his powers, healing and empowering Adam in the process.

The Mighty Adam

Returned to their tribe, Aman and Adam contemplated how to use their powers in order to free their people. While Adam was willing to destroy Ibaq and exact revenge for their dead family, Aman wanted to save them and give them peace, stopping all bloodshed. Fearing that Aman's method would not work, Adam killed him and seized his powers for himself, seeing it as a necessary sacrifice for the greater good. Using this power, he became known as the Mighty Adam. Among his first actions were enacting vengeance upon those who had enslaved him- and the families of those who had enslaved him.[5] When the Wizard asked Adam what had become of his nephew, he told the Wizard that Ibac had killed Aman.[6]

The Mighty Adam is known in legend for having defeated the dictators and the Seven Sins, successfully freeing the Kahndaqi tribe. In addition, the Mighty Adam also had multiple conflicts with a group called the Circle of Crows.

At his peak, Mighty Adam, despite his grim beginnings, was a joyful, benevolent figure. He considered himself to be a defender of the downtrodden, and when a simulacrum of this version of him was created centuries later, he advised his descendant to 'love justice, show mercy, and live humbly', a far cry from the man he eventually became.[7]

The Mighty Adam turned against the Council of Eternity and murdered all its members save for Mamaragan. He desired to kill the Wizard, but knew that the magic that granted him his power and the Wizard were one. Instead, for centuries, Teth-Adam kept the Wizard in stasis using arcane potions. As the Wizard became known as He-Who-Sleeps, Teth-Adam continued to serve as Champion to the Pharaohs of Egypt. In time, he served 22 of them before coming into the service of the Pharaoh Teti, who, like many before him, were unfit to rule.

Dominion over Egypt and Fall

Manipulated by an advisor, Adam killed Teti and seized the throne, his brief reign recorded in history as that of Userkare.[8] His reign was beset by invaders both mundane and mystical; in the wilderness east of Egypt, he built a sanctuary where he could return to his mortal form and rest. He also battled against an alien invasion from those who would later become known as the Paling, who had come to conquer the planet. Adam defeated their champion, the Pale Bishop in single combat, provoking the other aliens to flee Earth. He buried the Pale Bishop in a tomb near his sanctuary, in the lands that one would day become Khandaq.[9]

While resting in human form, Adam was attacked by Ibac, who had since been resurrected by enemies of the Council of Eternity, including the vizier who had manipulated Teth-Adam, Mereruka, who was truthfully a representative of the Circle of Crows. However, Ibac's brutal attack inadvertently disrupted Mereruka's meticulous plan, and Adam was able to escape and return to his immortal form. The Mighty Adam attempted to find Ibac and slay him once more, but was unable to, despite searching for twelve days and twelve nights.[10]

In 2325 BCE, the Wizard awoke, and cast Black Adam beyond the universe's farthest star and renaming him Black Adam.[11] This occurred in the 24th century BCE.[12]

Many, many centuries later, the Kahndaqi tribe, Adam's descendants amongst them, fled Egypt in 618 CE during the Sasanian Conquest, settling in the land that would become known as Kahndaq, establishing a kingdom there.[13]

The Frost King

In the 10th Century, an immensely powerful cryokinetic known as the Frost King arose, posing a threat to entire planet. In order to stop him, Hippolyta of Themyscira, an immortal Viking Prince, and an avatar of the Green came together. However, knowing that even with all their might they could not defeat the Frost King, they petitioned the Wizard Shazam, who reluctantly agreed to retrieve his former champion Teth-Adam to aid them against the threat.[14]

They traveled to Greenland, where the Frost King made his home. They fought a losing battle against the Frost King, losing the Avatar to his constructs and his frozen powers. They fled south, moving as many civilians as they could into a fortress for their protection. However, Adam remained behind, and, having located the Frost King's human family, put them in his path, wagering that they would bring out the man that was once Edward Olafsson long enough that he could strike. Much to the disgust of his companions, his plan worked, at least to some extent. In the chaos, the Frost King's family tumbled into a crevasse in the glacier below them, enraging Olaffson further. Frost King stabbed the Viking Prince through his chest, but the Prince, cursed with an eternal life save for a noble death, took the Frost King with him as he fell into the crevasse below.

Using his power, Black Adam sealed the crevasse, locking the Frost King away. With ice receding, the Green's avatar, thought lost, was able to return. Combining their strength, Hippolyta, the Avatar, and the Wizard Shazam were able to force Black Adam into a tomb and lock him away, despite Adam's struggles.[15]

Modern Day

New 52 Origin

Eventually a scientist named Doctor Thaddeus Sivana unsealed Adam's tomb in the 21st Century. Enraged at his millennial imprisonment, Black Adam slaughtered the entirety of Sivana's research team, only sparing Sivana because he spoke Adam's ancient language.
New 52 black adam debut

Black Adam is freed after millennia.

Sivana agreed to help Adam find the Wizard in exchange for a cure to help his dying family.[16] Sivana brought Adam to New York City to show him how much the World had changed. Adam seemed solemn that the people of the modern era lived such sad, mundane lives without magic. Deciding to take a closer look, Adam flew down to the street level where he witnessed a protest taking place. Sivana explained that these people were protesting against a corrupt businessman who had stolen their livelihoods. Adam flew up to the businessman's office where he mercilessly dropped the man to his death. Adam saw how truly twisted the World was when instead of revering Adam for his actions, the protesters labeled him a monster and fled.[17]

Believing he had seen enough of the modern World, Adam brought Sivana into the sewers where he attempted to access the Rock of Eternity. However as soon as he tried to enter the gateway he was shocked backwards. Adam gazed into the gateway and saw the Wizard dead on the cold stone floor. He came to the realization that the Wizard had passed his powers onto a new champion who would have to die before Adam could enter the Rock once again.[17]

Justice League Vol 2 21 Textless

Black Adam battles the Wizard's new champion, Billy Batson

Sickened by the modern World, Adam concocted a plan to destroy it and replace it with a Utopian society of his own design. Adam traveled to an apartment in New York owned by a particularly obese man. Adam knew that a man this lazy would harbor a strong connection to Sloth of the Seven Deadly Sins, and so used him to awaken Sloth from his imprisonment. Adam knew he would need the Sins' help to bring down society and so tasked Sivana and Sloth with finding the other Sins while Adam searched for the new champion.[17]

It didn't take long for Adam to find the new champion, as tales of his heroics in the city of Philadelphia reached far and wide.[18] Adam attacked the new champion on sight, easily overwhelming the woefully unprepared new comer. However the champion escaped Adam's wrath by transforming into his mortal form, blending in with the crowds. [19]

Adam immediately went on a rampage through the city, knowing it would eventually draw the champion out. Adam's rampage was soon interrupted by Doctor Sivana, who had successfully gathered all even of the Deadly Sins. Adam tasked the Sins with tracking down the most rotten soul in the city and using him/her as a conduit to wreak more havoc.[20]

Shazam Family (Prime Earth) 001

The Shazam Family

Adam was soon confronted by a adolescent boy named Billy Batson, who claimed to be the Wizard's new champion. Billy claimed to know about Black Adam's origin and began trying to talk Adam out of conquering the World. Not caring for Billy's words, Adam grabbed Billy by the mouth, stopping him from uttering the magic word.[21] Before he could siphon Billy's powers Adam was hit by a garbage truck driven by Batson's foster family. Knowing he could use these children as leverage against Billy, Adam took the family hostage, promising to let them go if Billy gave him the Wizard's power.[22] However instead of casting the spell of empowerment on Black Adam, Billy cast it on his family, gifting them all with the power of the Wizard.[23]

Four of the family's members immediately began helping civilians evacuate the battle zone, one more of the family's members battled the Seven Deadly Sins who had successfully possessed a rotten soul. This left Billy alone to confront Adam. Like before, Adam easily overwhelmed Billy. Knowing he couldn't defeat Adam in a physical fight Billy reverted back into his mortal form and convinced Adam to do the same. However Adam hadn't taken into account how long he had been in his immortal form and so as soon as he transformed into his mortal state he crumbled into dust due to his old age. With Black Adam dead the Sins fled their host and scattered into the winds.[23]

Black Adam Prime Earth 001

Black Adam destroys the throne of Kahndaq

After Adam's death, Shazam scattered his enemies' ashes in the deserts of Kahndaq so he could be one with his homeland. In the modern day Kahndaq was ruled over by an oppressive puppet of the Americans who called himself Ibac after the ancient barbarian. Seeking to free their country from oppression, an extremist rebel group known as the Sons of Adam gathered Black Adam's ashes in the hopes that he could be resurrected.[24]

After gathering Adam's ashes the rebels cast the spell to resurrect him, imbuing Adam with the power of different gods in the process, all part of the Egyptian pantheon. Adam decided to assist the rebels in liberating Kahndaq. Adam flew to the capital where he effortlessly tore through the security of the royal palace until he made his way to Ibac. Adam picked up the royal throne of Kahndaq and smashed it on Ibac, destroying the ruling body of Kahndaq. Adam then decided he would become his nation's protector once again.[24]

Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character's history was revised.

Current Origin and Later Career

Eventually, Adam was freed from his tomb. He went on to become a recurring enemy of his former mentor's new champion, and the champion's adopted family.

Reclaiming Kahndaq

For a time, the homeland of Adam's people, Kahndaq, was ruled by the dictator Asim Muhunnad. Eventually, he formed a group of heroes including Atom Smasher who entered Kahndaq and deposed Muhunnad despite the efforts of the Justice Society.

His newly reclaimed kingdom was not entirely willing to submit to his rule; the northern tribes built a resistance, targeting a new desalination plant in the Ahk-Ton Desert. He sent Atom Smasher to put down this rebellion with a show of force, but instructed him not to harm the rebels. Later that day, he was confronted by Batman, who had infiltrated his palace with the intent to depose him. Out of respect, Adam returned to his human form, wanting to fight Batman on equal ground. Batman underestimated Adam, who fought him to a standstill using martial arts techniques only one with an extraordinarily long life could master. Forcing a pause, Adam offered to grant Batman a portion of his power, so that he could watch over Gotham for centuries, like Adam would with Kahndaq.

Batman refused, and soon they were interrupted by the attacking rebels. Furious at Batman for distracting him, he renewed his attack, only to realize that he needed Batman's help. While Batman helped the palace staff and the injured within get to safety, Adam engaged the rebels with extreme prejudice.[25]

He eventually married Adrianna Tomaz, who sought to soften his wrathful, often villainous edge. She was not entirely successful at the time, and eventually died fighting to protect Kahndaq.[26]

At some point, in an event that led to him being labelled The Butcher of Bialya, Black Adam slaughtered many Bialyan citizens, including women and children.[27]

New 52

Forever Evil

During the invasion of the Crime Syndicate, Adam responded swiftly upon learning the nature of the threat. He immediately sought out Ultraman, attacking him in Metropolis.[28] Despite landing several powerful blows and attacking him with his lightning, Ultraman overpowered Teth-Adam, crushing his jaw to prevent him from calling down his lighting again. Ultraman left him for dead, but Adam would fortuitously be rescued by Black Manta, Lex Luthor, Bizarro, and Captain Cold.[29]

Despite interpersonal conflicts, the group made their through the sewers to a Wayne Enterprises storage facility, where they briefly came into conflict with Batman and Catwoman before setting aside their differences in the face of an attack by the Secret Society led by Power Ring.[30] During this fight, Sinestro entered the fray, siding with Luthor and his allies. During the fight, punched Giganta through a wall and into the street below. Additionally, Deathstroke changed sides during the fight under the condition that Luthor compensate him well afterwards. Over the course of their interactions, Adam developed a respect for Sinestro, who he saw as a similar man to himself.[31]

Later, the group proceeded to the fallen Watchtower in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, which the Crime Syndicate was using as a nerve center for their operations on Earth. Seeking revenge, Teth-Adam once more engaged Ultraman, fighting him until interrupted by the arrival of Mazahs, the dark counterpart of Adam's longtime rival, Shazam.[32]

While Sinestro used his constructs to re-align Adam's jaw, Adam impaled Mazahs with a lightning rod and called down his lightning, only to find it had little effect on the ostensible hero from Earth-3. Eventually, Luthor defeated Mazahs, and relative normalcy was restored. Lex offered the group amnesty and support, but Adam, Sinestro, and Manta laughed him off.[33]

Sinestro Corps

Sinestro and his followers eventually came into conflict with a group of beings called The Paling. Learning that Teth-Adam had faced off against the Paling during ancient times, Sinestro sought him out in Kahndaq's capital, Shiruta. In turn, Adam threw a banquet for Sinestro and his men, and told them of his ancient conflict with the Paling. In doing so, Adam brought Sinestro to an ancient tomb where the champion he'd slain, the Pale Bishop, was buried. Sinestro, shocked, revealed the Pale Bishop to be a Guardian of The Universe. The being's seemingly-deceased corpse attacked Sinestro and Adam before beginning to regenerate. The Bishop attempted to use its abilities to compel Adam to say the word that would transform him back into his mortal form, but the efforts were interrupted by Sinestro. To further assist, Sinestro temporarily granted Adam a ring, making him a member of his Corps. They renewed their fight against the Pale Bishop, who seemingly fled.

However, the Paling soon began a renewed attack on Earth, and to increase the strength of Earth's defenders, Sinestro granted several of them power rings of their own. During this battle, Adam engaged Mongul II, who had been converted into a servant of the Paling. With a power surge resulting from the presence of Saint Walker, Adam was able to defeat Mongul.

Soon afterwards, Teth led a legion of Sinestro's modified Manhunters and the Sinestro corps in battle across the Earth, clearing it of the Paling's forces as Sinestro defeated the Pale Bishop in space. Afterwards, Soranik Natu, Sinestro's daughter and second in command, recalled the rings from their temporary bearers, including Teth-Adam.

DC Rebirth

Dark Nights: Metal

Atom Ryan Choi 0027

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Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands

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Doomsday Clock

In the wake of several allegations that the United States Government was manufacturing Metahumans the Superman Theory arose. This theory shined light on the fact that over 90% of the World's metas were American citizens, implying that the American Government was planning to take over the World with an army of metas. All American metas were viewed with distrust and shunned by society. Seeing an opportunity to build an army of his own, Adam invited any metas to live in Kahndaq where they could be free of any prejudice.[34] Before long Adam had amassed a variety of metas to fight for his cause including Giganta, the Creeper, and Sandstorm.[35]

Soon enough Adam saw an opportunity to make his move. The metahuman Firestorm was framed for an explosion in Moscow, causing America to condemn their metahuman population. A majority of the superhero community travelled to Mars, where the true culprit was supposedly lurking. The only superheroes left on Earth were Batman and Superman, who had been caught in the explosion; and Wonder Woman, who was addressing the United Nations in defense of the Superhero community. Black Adam attacked the United Nations Building alongside Creeper and Giganta.[36]

Endless Winter

The Flash Vol 1 767 Textless

Black Adam saves The Flash from Frost King's monsters

Black Adam witnesses the Frost King's return to modern time and it is revealed that Adam, Hippolyta, Swamp Thing and Viking Prince imprisoned the Frost King in the 10th Century[37]. After a United Nations speech, Adam saves The Flash from ice monsters and gives him a power boost[38]. As heroes around the world are battling the Frost King's ice monsters[39], Adam invades a Stagg Enterprises lab in Gotham City when the Frost King arrives and battles Black Adam[40]. The Justice League arrives and Adam wants to kill the Frost king, but Superman intervenes. Despite this, the heroes save the day and Black Adam returns to Khandaq[41].

Death Metal

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Infinite Frontier

Justice League

In the wake of the Metal Wars, Adam attempted to turn over a new leaf, harkening back to the lessons Adrianna had taught him. He began acting more as a protector than an avenger, which attracted the attention of Superman, who believed that the Justice League needed fresh perspectives.

On the anniversary of Adrianna's death, Adam visited her grave, reflecting on what she'd tried to impart on him. While doing so, he was attacked by Brutus, an invader from another world.[42] After the conflict with Brutus concluded, Adam joined the League.

Descendants and the Death of the Justice League

In the weeks preceding the Dark Crisis, Adam determined the he needed a successor, and to this end located a descendant of his, one Malik White, a student of Medicine living in New York. He also came into conflict with the Sumerian Gods.

Black Adam was among the Justice Leaguers pulled from Earth-0 by the Justice Incarnate to fight Pariah and his Dark Army. However, during the battle, all of the Leaguers present save for Adam were seemingly killed, with Adam spared only by Darkseid

After the apparent death of the Justice League, Adam would quietly lament to himself that he wished he had been killed, too, so that he could see Adrianna again.[43]

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Dark Crisis and Malik White

Black Adam Vol 1 7 Textless Davila Variant

Black Adam's newest sidekick, Bolt!

The League were eventually resurrected simultaneously as Black Adam, Nightwing and every available hero were battling Deathstroke and the Dark Army.[44] Adam and Deathstroke fight in a bloody battle. The heroes win the day and Black Adam tells both Supermen that he will be leaving the League.[45] He then meets his new sidekick, Malik White, who works at a hospital in Washington D.C.. Malik is a descendant of Adam, so he gets his powers.[46] Ibac was later restored to life and fought Black Adam the first chance he got. Malik comes to help Adam, but Ibac runs away.[47]

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  • Divine Empowerment: After his resurrection, Adam was no longer powered by the Wizard, instead he gained his power from six Egyptian deitiesShu, Horus, Amun, Zehuti, Aten and Mehen. Like before, Adam activates these powers by uttering the magic word "Shazam".[24]
    • Stamina of Shu: Upon his resurrection, Adam was imbued with the stamina of Shu, the Egyptian God of the air and light. Because of this blessing his highly advanced musculature produces almost no fatigue toxins, granting him almost limitless physical stamina during physical activity.[24]
      • Self-Sustenance: Because of Shu's blessings, Adam is able to survive without food, water or any other sort of sustenance while in his empowered form.
    • Speed of Horus: Black Adam was bequeathed hyper-speed after his resurrection by the Egyptian God of the sky Horus.[24]
      • Flight: Due to the blessing of Horus Adam can resist the pull of a planet's gravity and navigate through the sky unaided by technology.[24]
      • Superhuman Agility: Black Adam's agility, balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels.[48]
      • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Strength of Amun: Black Adam was gifted vast superhuman strength by the King of the Egyptian Gods, Amun. With this power Adam is able to lift tanks with ease, crack stone,[24] and land powerful blows on the likes of Ultraman[24], Superboy-Prime[49] and Nekron.[50]
    • Wisdom of Zehuti: Upon his resurrection, Adam was blessed with the wisdom of Zehuti, the Egyptian God of learning.[24][48]
    • Power of Aten: After his resurrection, Adam was no longer fueled by the Wizard's magical abilities, but rather the light of Aten, an aspect of the Egyptian sun God Ra.[24]
      • Electrokinesis: Black Adam is able to manipulate the magical lightning that fuels his power. He can summon powerful bolts of lightning by yelling "Shazam" and letting the transformative bolt of lightning hit the opponent rather than himself.[51]
      • Magic: As the wielder of the Gods of Egypt's power, Black Adam can use magic spells for various purposes. He used the blood of a magical creature in order to gain insight on where Billy Batson was located in the Magiclands.[55]
        • Power Distribution: Black Adam can share portion/bequeath all his magical powers to anyone that he so chooses or considered as family, granting them similar powers as his own.[56][25]
        • Psychic Link: Adam can access the memories of his descendants.[57]
    • Courage of Mehen: Black Adam was bequeathed both physical and psychological resilience by Mehen, an Egyptian snake-god. Black Adam can withstand bullets with no difficulty,[24] as well as withstand massive blunt force[48] or powerful energy blasts like Superboy-Prime's heat vision.[49]
      • Accelerated Healing: Black Adam can recover from wounds at a much faster pace than regular humans thanks to the blessing of Mehen. He once completely healed a broken jaw in a few hours after it was broken by Ultraman.[58]
      • Immortality: As long as Adam remains in his empowered state, he doesn't age. He's stated to have lived for 4600 years.[57]


  • Egyptology: Since he lived through the time period, Adam has a rich understanding of ancient Egyptian culture.
  • Intimidation: Adam was considered intimidating enough to be conducted in the Sinestro Corps.
  • Leadership: Adam rules the African nation of Kahndaq.[24]
  • Martial Arts: Black Adam is a master martial artist, having had a lifetime of combat experience as a Champion of the Wizard.[59] He is skilled enough to keep the upper hand in a fight with Batman, without needing to use his powers. Black Adam is a master of Dhritishastra, an Indian martial art developed by Vandal Savage so complex that it takes multiple lifetimes to learn.[25]
  • Meditation[48]
  • Multilingualism: Adam speaks English, ancient Egyptian, Kahndaqi, and Arabic.
  • Occultism: Due to the nature of his powers, Adam has a decent understanding of magic.[24]


  • Vulnerability to Magic: Black Adam is vulnerable to powers that nullify or surpass his own magic.
  • Dependency: (Formerly) Due to his advanced age Adam was previously totally reliant on the Wizard's magic to sustain his life and was unable to transform back into his mortal form without fading into dust.[23] He appears to have overcome this weakness following his resurrection and empowerment by the Gods of Egypt.[25]


  • In this incarnation of Black Adam, Adam is not given the typical powers as he is normally given. His powers do not come from multiple gods but rather all from Shazam himself. He is also not a prince upon his first meeting with Shazam, but a fugitive slave.
    • However once he is resurrected he is again empowered by his Egyptian gods.
      • Black Adam once offered Batman the power of Shazam, but he turned it down. preferring to rely on his own abilities as a human rather than relying on magic.
        • Later issues of his solo title reveal that many of Adam's historical claims are lies born of a desire for importance resulting from his childhood as a slave.
          • Initially, Adam was established as being born in Kahndaq, like his pre-Flashpoint counterpart. However, it was later revealed that the Kahndaqi people during Adam's original lifetime actually inhabited the banks of the Nile, making him geographically Egyptian, like his pre-Flashpoint counterpart, with his tribe only settling in modern-day Kahndaq long after his exile.



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