Quote1.png When you crush an ant beneath your foot do you feel remorse? No. Is this because you are evil or because you recognize yourself as a higher form of life? This is what the Wizard could not understand. If I have the powers of the gods, then am I not a god myself? Quote2.png
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Black Adam is the former champion of Shazam and the enemy of Captain Marvel.

Five millenia ago, Teth-Adam was a prince in Ancient Egypt. Chosen by the wizard Shazam to carry on his crusade against the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, Teth-Adam became a conduit of the amazing power of the Egyptian gods. For many years, he protected the human race from evil, but in time, became consumed by his powers. He conquered his people and was worshiped as a god himself. Disgusted in his student's actions, Shazam banished Teth-Adam to the farthest star in the sky. Kept alive by his powers, Teth-Adam spent the next 5,000 years trying to get home.




  • Accelerated Aging: While in his empowered form, Teth-Adam is effectively immortal however should he chose to say "SHAZAM" and return to his mortal form he would (and has) disintegrate due to years of aging in a single moment.



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