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Teuton was a member of the G-7 Authority.

Serving as the analogue of Apollo, Teuton represented G-7's Germany and is nonetheless the most slightly oversensitive of his team and is prone to sobbing outbreaks. Initially Teuton seems to be the only member of the G-7 Authority who is 'good' and reluctant to commit terrible acts such as the Colonel's orders in disposing the Carrier's entire dead refugees, in which some are already alive. Teuton's relationship with Last Call (Midnighter's analogue) was not entirely agreeable as Last Call, a heterosexual, don't want to have themselves together as the public will think that they are a gay couple given that they replaced their openly gay predecessors.

Though isn't gay from the beginning, Teuton however, explore theses sexual feelings and admitted to a depowered Apollo that he wished that he and Last Call were like their predecessors. Teuton is eventually killed from behind by Midnighter before making any sexual advances towards Apollo.


Powers similar to Apollo



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